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April 15, 2021

Yoga Teaching

Although Yoga teacher is no longer considered a new Profession, there are plenty of interesting statistics for what is one of the most fashionable jobs in the last 5 years.

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Working as a Yoga Teacher in Australia

In Australia, the profession is sufficiently established that today the first official associations have started to form, such as Yoga Australia, which presumably will acquire the role of sector regulator in the near future. Down-under, the percentage of people who decide to take a course in Yoga continues to rise, in parallel with the demand for teaching with a nationally recognised qualification. The most interesting statistics, however, are from overseas, where the number of those who regularly practise yoga has reached the 300,000,000 mark. Consider that just in the USA, the Yoga industry is estimated to have reached a value of eleven billion dollars. The Yoga teacher today is sought after not only within gyms, but for online sessions, in resorts, on cruise ships and in a growing number of commercial activities. The positive aspect of this type of work is the cyclical nature of the lessons, which allow for long term positions as well as casual employment. There are also increasingly more private Yoga teachers, a trend generated especially by the growing population of digital nomads, for whom the opportunity to teach and travel represents a fulfilling and adventurous life style.

Qualification: Certificate III / Diploma of Yoga Teaching
Skill Level: 3
Profession: 452111 Fitness Instructor
Course program: https://training.gov.au/Training/Details/10579NAT
Description: to avoid misunderstandings, the basic Yoga concepts are not taught. The student enrolling in this course aims to convert a passion into a career prospect, probably in business. The course starts by assessing your routine in practising Yoga, and then concentrates on the experience and profile of the individual client initially, but also the class as a whole. So, the course aims to train a teacher/counsellor who is able to master key concepts in the sector and teach in an efficient manner.

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