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May 11, 2022

Renewal of the Working Holiday Visa (Subclass 417): All possible ways

Until recently, when talking about the renewal of the Working Holiday Visa, we used to talk about ‘Farm’, as initially, the Working Holiday was only extendable through occupations related to the world of agriculture and farming.

Since 2019, the situation has changed a lot. Currently we are talking about ‘Specific Work’ for the renewal of this visa, as the possible types of work are now more varied. Find all the information by clicking HERE.

In this blog post you will know all the different options available to renew this visa type.

In which sectors can you work to renew your Working Holiday Visa?

Agriculture and Livestock (In the Post Codes that the Department defines as ‘Regional Australia’ – and that you can find in Table 1)
Fishing related activities (‘Regional Australia’ – Table 1)
Mining or mining support activities (‘Regional Australia’ – Table 1)
Pruning activities (‘Regional Australia’ – Table 1)
Residential or commercial construction (‘Regional Australia’ – Table 1)
Health, medical or Covid related work (‘Anywhere in Australia’ – Table 1)
Bushfire affected area reconstruction (‘Bushfire affected area’ – Table 3)
Flood affected area reconstruction (no public zip codes yet)
Hospitality (In the zip codes of the areas defined as ‘Remote/Very Remote” and also ‘Northern Australia’, which are combined in Table 2)


The “classic” sectors: Agriculture, Livestock, Fishing, Mining, Pruning and Construction are still available in Regional Australia.

These sectors have always been available. Let’s analyze them.


Agriculture and Livestock:

– Harvesting and packing of fruits or vegetables.

– Tree pruning;

– Harvesting;

– Processing of agricultural products;

– Raising of animals for sale activities.

– Processing of animal products (Packing and canning, shearing, slaughtering); Processing of dairy products

– Dairy product processing


– Fishing and pearl harvesting:
– Any operation directly related to catching fish, other aquatic species or pearl harvesting.


– Pruning and cultivation:

– Planting trees in plantations or forests.

– Tree felling;

– Transportation of trees and logs from the felling site to the processing center.


– Mining Activities:

– Coal mining;

– Extraction of oil or natural gas;

– Extraction of raw minerals;

– Extraction of minerals for use in construction;

– Extraction of non-metallic minerals;

– Research and exploration (for extraction purposes);

– Extraction support activities.


– Construction:

– Residential Construction;

– Civil and Industrial Construction;

– Commercial Construction;


All of these jobs are compatible, only if they are performed in the zip codes in the following table.

Hospitality and Tourism in Northern and Remote Australia

Before consulting the zip codes, remember that the codes will only be valid if the payroll is for the period from June 22, 2021. Hospitality jobs performed prior to that date will not be considered valid.

The functions are related to tourism and hospitality, such as: Tour guides, recreational activities instructors or people employed in cafeterias, restaurants and hotels. What is important is that the job is directly related to hospitality or tourism and not indirect employment.

Here are some examples:

Waitresses/waiters and bartenders
Tourist Bus Driver

It does not work in the following cases:

Sales Assistant
Doing only cleaning in a restaurant but not interacting with customers (like runners do).
Working in an office for a restaurant chain.

Pay attention to the zip codes, you can find two lists on the official website, which we have unified, and you can find them here:





Reconstruction: Areas affected by fires and floods.

If you are a volunteer in one of the areas that have been compromised by these weather events, you can use this experience to renew your visa only if you have participated since July 2019. It is a support service for people living and working in those areas, or doing construction work related to the reconstruction of areas affected by fires or floods.

For areas affected by ‘Bushfires’, a list of zip codes is available which you can find below:



The Immigration Minister has announced that even the areas affected by the recent floods will be used to count the days to be able to renew the Subclass 417 and 462 Visas following this chart:



Other useful information:

  • The days required to obtain a Second Working Holiday Visa are 88.
  • The days required to obtain a Second Working Holiday Visa are 179
  • It is not possible to obtain a Third Working Holiday Visa if the days worked were before July 2019.
  • It is not possible to use the work accumulated during the 408 Visa for the renewal of the Working Holiday Visa (unless it is a medical work related to Covid).
  • Work done during an active Bridging Visa between the First and Second Working Holiday Visa can be used to accumulate days for the Third Working Holiday.
  • While the current age limit for the Working Holiday Visa is the thirty one year, from July this limit will be extended to thirty-six years of age.

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