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April 1, 2022

Working Holiday Visa: Age limit increased to 35 years


Immigration Minister Alex Hawke is proving increasingly productive. More and more often we have seen him at press conferences announcing reforms to immigration rules. In recent weeks it has been the turn of Student Visa and TSS 482 holders. Yesterday’s announcement, 31 March 2022, closely concerned holders of Working Holiday Visa 417.

Read more about the Working Holiday Visa, HERE. 

A first measure concerns holders of visas 417 (Working Holiday Visa) and 462 (Work & Holiday Visa) who will be able to add unpaid volunteering in flood-affected areas to the various jobs available for renewal.

Brazilian passport holders have been granted access to Subclass 462 Work & Holiday Visa.

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The news that most concerns the Italian community (and also the Danish community) is the raising of the age limit for those wishing to apply for a Working Holiday Visa. Starting from the first of July 2022, in fact, in order to apply for a Working Holiday Visa it will be necessary not to have reached the age of 36.

This visa allows you to visit Australia and work there for one year. It is then possible to obtain a second identical visa by working in regional areas for 88 days during the first visa and a third visa by working a further 179 days during the second visa. Applicants are required to enclose a bank account and show proof of $5000 (about Euro 3000) plus a passport photo. It is not possible to have this visa in Australia with minor dependent children.

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