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April 26, 2022

How many hours can students work in Australia?

In January 2022, the Australian Government announced that Student Visa holders in Australia could work more than 40 hours a fortnight in any sector of the economy. This measure was an effort to cover staff shortages in Australia due to Covid-19, and it will be working until further notice.

Also, this measure applies to current students in Australia and those who are planning to come. So that, new students can start working even before their course begins.

Another good point is that second visa applicants are able to enjoy this benefit, as well.

However, it is key for students still meet certain conditions: 

  • Maintain their course enrolment
  • Ensure satisfactory course attendance
  • Ensure satisfactory course progress.


In addition, student visa holders who are outside Australia and arrive between 19 January 2022 and 19 March 2022 may be eligible for a refund of their VAC. Students can apply for a refund up until 31 December 2022. 

As the Australian Government specifies, this measure will be until further notice, which can change anytime, mainly if labour shortages are covered.



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Source: Home Affairs Australia

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