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February 15, 2023

What to do when arriving in Australia: setting yourself up for work

You’ve made it! You’re here! You’re in Australia and you have a whole lot of new things to look forward to. But before you get too excited, here are some tips for what to do when you first arrive in Australia.

The first few days in Australia are a whirlwind. You will be busy with paperwork, getting settled into your new home and meeting the people around you. The beginning of such a big experience can be stressful as you adjust to being in a new country so try not to feel overwhelmed by all the new information coming your way. If things seem too much at times, take time out and have some fun!

Arriving in Australia, first steps to take, ‘to-do list’ for each day of your first week

tax File Number

Get a tax file number (TFN) as soon as possible after you arrive in Australia.

This can be done by visiting an Australian Taxation Office (ATO) office or contacting them on 13 28 61 and requesting a paper form. You can also do this online at https://www.ato.gov.au/Individuals/Tax-file-number/Apply-for-a-TFN/ 

Remember applying for a TFN is FREE hence, when applying online, if you get asked to pay a fee it’s probably a scam.

Do you need more info to apply your  Tax File Number? Read this: Tax File Number Australia

Get a MyGov account

Creating a MyGov account sounds useless when you have just arrived to Australia, however you will need it multiple times later on during your stay (for example you will need it for your tax back and for your superannuation). Make sure you open one ASAP and you save its password.

NB: your ImmiAccount and you MyGov account are two different things.

Working, Farm Jobs & Accomodations

You have made it, you are here! What now?

The best thing you may do is looking for a job and a room right away. You can look for a job on websites like Jora, Gumtree, Seek or Indeed. Finding accomodation in Australia may actually result harder than finding an occupation, have a look on websites like Flatmates or on Facebook groups.

Are you willing to complete your farm jobs as soon as possible? Start browsing on portals like Harvest Job e 88daystowork to have a better idea on what to expect; however, you will soon understand that the best way to find farm jobs is through other people or driving farm to farm.

BREAKING NEWS: did you know you can renew your  Working Holiday Visa working in Hospitality? Atlas Migration team has a surprise for you: the ultimate guide to renewing your working holiday visa working in hospitality, a collection of over hundred restaurants and bars eligible to complete your 88 days!

Read this article to get the guide: working holiday visa the ultimate guide 

Do you need more info to work in Australia? all the license you need to work in Australia

Open an Australian Bank Account

One of the first things to do when arriving in Australia is open a bank account. You’ll need one of these to manage your money while you’re here and most importantly to get paid once you get a job.  There are many banks operating in Australia and they offer a range of accounts with different features and benefits. It can be confusing trying to decide which one is best for your needs, our suggestion is to open one with Commonwealth Bank, it’s super easy and you will only need to visit the closer bank with your visa and you ID. Locate the nearest bank through this link  https://www.commbank.com.au/digital/locate-us/

Do you need more info to open an Australian bank account? read this article: how to open an Australian bank account

Buying an Australian SIM card

Once you arrive at your destination airport, get yourself a SIM card as soon as possible so that you can use mobile data and make calls while getting around town. It will help you moving around as well as making you able to start searching for a job.

Do you need more info to buy an Australian SIM card? read this article: buying an Australian SIM card 


Applying for Australian Medicare

If your nationality allows you to, you should apply for a medicare as soon as you arrive in Australia.  Apply for a Medicare card from the Department of Human Services (DHS). The DHS will send you an appointment letter with your Medicare card in the post within two weeks of applying online or two months if you apply over the phone or in person at a DHS office. If you don’t receive your card within this time frame, call 13 18 81 to check on its progress or email medicare@humanservices.gov.au.

NB: Medicare processing time may vary depending on how busy the department is.

Would you like more info about living in Australia?

You can get in touch with our free info point at infopoint@atlasmigration.com or get in touch through our social media Facebook (m.me/atlasmigration) or Instagram @atlasmigration.


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