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April 15, 2021

Welding is probably amongst the practical disciplines that are applicable in various sectors. Central to the assembly phase in industrial productions, welders come to the aid of other building operators such as plumbers and electricians. The category is divided into three sub-categories:

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Working as a welder in Australia

Metal Fabricators → creating or repairing new objects consisting principally of metal
Pressure Welders → specialised in welding pipes and pipelines
Welders First Class → welding using particular techniques

Underwater Welders in Australia

Included in this last category are underwater welders, who, along with the risks of the Profession, take home an average salary of $125,000 per year and up to $180,000 for senior specialists. You read it correctly, we are talking about around $3400 a week. Do you suffer from sea sickness? Bear in mind that the category is generally very profitable, since the average salary is $65,000 and the entry salary for new recruits is not much less ($55,000). Those who progress in this career end up earning a little under $100,000 per year at their peak.

Visa and pipes, a possible marriage? The answer is yes. As for plumbers and many professions related to the building environment, there are many visas available and those who are already qualified in the Profession and intend to move to Australia can rightly start to search Australian institute sites and consult specialists to lay down a plan of action. However, for those who lack a qualification, a good idea is to consider registering in a welding course, which, depending on its length, can give you the right to a Post Graduate 485 visa, enabling you not only to obtain a Qualification but also 18 months to acquire work experience, which is so precious in terms of point calculation or satisfying prerequisites for sponsor visas and skill assessment.

Qualification: Certificate III in Fabrication Trade
Skill Level: 3
322311 Metal Fabricator
322312 Pressure Welder
322313 Welder (First Class) (Aus) / Welder (NZ)
Course program: https://training.gov.au/TrainingComponentFiles/MEM05/MEM30305_R4.pdf
Description: the course enables the student to weld using materials of various dimensions, thicknesses, qualities and according to the demands of the labour market and companies in a test/interview situation. The student is also trained in reading technical drawings and sketches and making assembly calculations and choosing the pieces for construction of the structure.

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