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June 23, 2022

Renew your temporary visa in Australia: all the possible options

Compared to ‘pre-covid’ times, we are at a time when there are more options than you consider applying at expiry than you have. Let us look at them all:

Working Holiday Visa 

a) The classic and traditional one, applicable the first time if you are less than 36 years old and have an Italian passport, and a second or third time if you have completed the working days for renewal (88 to have the second, 179 to have the third)

b) Nil VAC WHV Onshore. This is a kind of return of your Working Holiday, if at the time of application you are in Australia and had a Working Holiday Visa on 30/03/2020. Please note: You can apply for this visa until 31/12/2022, then it will no longer be possible.


Covid Visa 408 (Temporary Activity)

This visa allows you to renew your visa through an employer and there are two versions:

a) if you have a job in a critical sector (lasts 12 months + bridging visa)

b) if you have any other type of job (lasts 6 months + bridging visa).
Please note: you can apply for this visa up to 90 days before your current visa expires.
This visa cannot be applied for if you are on a tourist visa and entered Australia after 22/02/2022.

[Read more: Covid-19 visa (subclass 408)]

Post Graduate Visa

(a) This is a postgraduate visa and lasts 24 months. It is issued if you have completed any course of 92 weeks (or more) in the last six months (excluding English courses).

[Read more: Post Graduate Visa for any 2-year professional course].

Student Visa

It makes sense to consider it if:

(a) if you intend to study a course in order to obtain a permanent visa

(b) if you want to reach 92 weeks for the post-graduate visa

Looking to apply for a Student Visa? Click here to know more.


Other visas: 
Sponsor (if you have an employer interested in appointing you to stay in Australia as their employee)
Skilled Visa (if you have a positive Skills Assessment and want to obtain permanent residency on your own)
Partner Visa (if you have an Australian partner or permanent resident who you have been living with for at least six months and have registered as a couple)





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