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December 19, 2021

The highest paying jobs in Australia

Although Australia is famous worldwide for its truly unique fauna and breathtaking natural beauty, in recent decades – also due to a continuous succession of economic, monetary, and social crises in the old continent – Australia owes much of its fame to its famous high salaries.

Let’s specifically look at some of the highest-paying professions in Australia! It’s no surprise that many of them fall within the healthcare sector.

I lavori più pagati d’Australia

  • Surgeon with an average salary around $400,000 per year; this figure can be misleading, as it depends on the type of surgery.
  • Neurosurgeons are the highest earners with an average salary of $600,000.
  • Anesthetist, in this case, the annual average is around $380,000.
  • Specialist doctor, still in the healthcare field, in this case, we’re talking about specialist doctors who can boast an average salary of $300,000.
  • Financial intermediary, stepping out of the medical field and entering the financial and economic sector with an annual average of AUD 275,000.
  • Psychiatrist, returning to the health sector, this time mental health, with an average salary of $235,000.
  • Judges and senior employees in the legal sector have an average salary of $188,000.
  • Mining engineers, mines are one of the driving sectors of the Australian economy, and a position as a mining engineer can secure an annual salary of over $180,000.
  • Mine-submarine chefs, the chef profession is unique when it comes to salaries; working as a chef can earn a salary ranging from the minimum wage of $53,000 per year to peaks of over $150,000 when employed in mining or submarines.
  • Pearl fishermen, in Australia, there are numerous pearl farms located in remote areas of the country. Working as a pearl fisherman can be particularly lucrative, with salary peaks of over $1,300 per day!!!

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