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February 15, 2023

Tax File Number Australia

A Tax File Number (TFN) is a 9 digit code essential to work and pay taxes while in Australia; you apply for it on the ATO website for free! Do you want to set yourself up for work when arriving in Australia? Read this!

Applying a TFN (Tax File Number) it’s easy and free!
When you have just arrived in Australia it may looks complicated and overwhelming but it is actually the easiest thing.

How to apply for your Tax File Number

  • You can apply for it on the ATO website, click here 
  • Select “foreigner passport holder”


  • Add your personal details as shown on your passport.

  • Add your residential address in Australia and, eventually, your postal address to receive the TFN. Please remember that the TFN is a secret code hence adding a hostel address may be not a safe option.

  • Add your contact details and email address.


  • Double check every details to make sure they are correct and then submit.

Make a note with your request number at the end of process, this is not your TFN but it’s the proof you have requested your TFN and you can use it in case you need to get in touch with the Australian Taxation Office.

Where can I apply for my Tax File Number?

It’s super easy, its free and it takes just a couple of minutes!! Apply now ato.gov.au!

Can I work before receiving my Tax File Number?

Please note that your TFN will take a while to be issued.
You can work while waiting for it as long as you let your employer know and you will communicate your TFN within 28 days from your employment commencement in order to be taxed as an Australian resident for taxation purpose (not complying with this rule would result in a foreigners taxation).
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