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Subsequent Entrants

Subsequent Entrants

Include your partner in a temporary visa

If you need to be included in your partner’s temporary visa, or, if you need to include someone in your temporary visas, this is one of the services we can offer, it’s called ‘subsequent entrant’.

You just need to complete the contact form below, because it will be necessary a quick chat with one of our migration agents to check whether the documents you can provide to the department are enough to satisfy the Immigration requirements.

You can even start double-checking and let us know which of the following documents you would be able to provide us with:

  • flight tickets where you have traveled together
  • form 888 where a citizen or permanent resident declares that you and your boyfriend are a genuine couple
  • pictures together (better if dated and from social media)
  • joint bank account
  • any kind of correspondence to the same residential address
  • lease agreement registered in name of both
  • invitation to nuptials or other events when you’re addressed as a couple
  • Registration of the domestic relationship or Marriage Certificate

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