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Student Visa Australia

Student Visa Australia


Student visa subclass 500

At Atlas Migration, we take care of every single step of the process for you by doing the following: 

  • Providing a free consultation for you to compare your options
  • Choosing the best health insurance according to your needs
  • Taking care of the Home Affairs Department enquiries and paperwork to apply for your visa
  • Answering all your questions and guiding you through your whole visa journey



  • Participating in a study course in Australia
  • Travelling freely in and out of Australia
  • Working up to 40 hours every 2 weeks during class periods
  • Unrestricted work in all holiday periods after the start of the course
  • Family members (partners, minor children) can be added to the visa

STUDying in Australia

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Strategic consultation

Choosing to be represented by an education agent is the wisest choice you can make. In addition to knowledge of the Australian education system, it is important that the agent follows your file and directs you towards your best study pathway.

At Atlas, we always aim to offer strategic study advice, analysing your current situation, your dreams, your skills, your circumstances and your goals to structure a pathway to achieve them.

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