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March 5, 2024

Skill in demand visa: new visa pathway for 2024

The announcement’s out about the upcoming visa, set to replace the 482 visa. It’s dubbed the “Skill in Demand Visa.”

Get ready for another round of changes in Australia’s migration scene come 2024. As highlighted in the ‘strategic document’ by the Immigration ministers, Australia’s immigration system is gearing up for a makeover, leaning towards quickly attracting individuals with skills the country needs. Oddly enough, it seems the first casualty of this revamp might be the recently overhauled classic sponsor, known as the TSS 482 visa. For those who’ve been following closely, you might remember our predictions about the next step being a reform of the lists system.

What’s on the horizon (albeit currently just hearsay) is a fresh visa called the Skills in Demand Visa. We’re expecting its debut sometime in 2024. It looks like it might run for four years (though how long the transition to permanent residency will take remains unclear).

This visa will come in three tiers:

Specialist Skills Pathway

This pathway opens doors for nearly all occupations to apply, almost independent of specific lists (barring a few like trade workers, laborers, and drivers). The crucial criterion shifts to salary: you’ll need to hit a minimum of $135,000 per year to qualify. There’s an annual cap of 3000 spots.

Core Skills Pathway

Here’s where a new list called the ‘Core Skills Occupation List’ will take center stage. Those seeking sponsorship should boast salaries between $70,000 and $135,000 per year. The Department of Home Affairs aims to process applications here within 21 days. This stream is likely to cover most jobs eligible for sponsorship. The future prospect? The Core Skills Occupation List is expected to evolve dynamically, constantly updated to reflect shortages in skilled personnel in Australia.

Essential Skills Pathway

This tier is for workers in demand but whose salaries fall below $70,000. The department plans to start with aged and disability carers before considering other necessary professions.

This new visa introduction will also usher in changes in mobility rules. Sponsor transfers will be doable within 180 days (that’s six months!), and there’s a possibility of working for other employers during this period, potentially even in roles different from the sponsored one.

These reforms seem credible, outlined in detail in the strategic paper released on December 21, 2023, by the Department of Home Affairs. As of now, the known sponsor visas remain unchanged (TSS 482, ENS 186, Regional 494).

Once the legal texts (Acts, Regulations, Policies, Legislative Instruments, Directions, etc.) are official, count on us to navigate you through the alterations and timelines.

Questions? Reach us anytime at infopoint@atlasmigration.com.

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