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These packages have been devised for two basic reasons. The first is to take away the anxiety related to bureaucracy in your first moments in Australia. Your ‘imprinting’ with the down-under world should be light and dominated by wonder and joy. Starting out fearing scams, mistakes, or problems is never desirable.

The second is to provide you with immediate tools that can be useful for you to fully enjoy the experience, to develop your professional profile, or simply to identify from the outset the conditions that will be needed to convert your temporary visa into a permanent visa.

We have four packages and they all include some basic services (‘Welcome Pack’).

These are:

– Pre-departure consultation (30 minutes)

– Free assistance in booking your first accommodation

– Translation of Driver’s Licence

– Opening an Australian bank account

– Insertion of your CV into Atlas Recruitment’s database for job interviews

– Consultation on arrival

– Australian SIM card activation

– Application and activation of Australian Tax Code

– ABN (Australian Business Number) application (if required)

– Provision of a transport card for the city of arrival

– Verification of the effectiveness of your CV

‘Express Australia Pass’ package

This package includes the essentials you need to start your adventure quickly and conveniently. It is ideal for those who don’t have a clear idea yet, but are clear that leaving is the right thing to do. In addition to the Welcome Pack (see above), the Working Holiday Visa application (Subclass 417) is included.

Price: AUD$398 (+ visa fee).

Ready to Work Pack

This package is a kit for those who want to accelerate and maximise their stay once they land. Ultimately, don’t forget that moving to Australia is an investment. In addition to the Welcome Pack (see above), the Working Holiday Visa application (Subclass 417) is included. In addition, this package includes a one-hour consultation with a Registered Immigration Officer, official verification of your English language level (to be included in your CV), identification of the profession compatible with the Skills Assessment and the relevant agency.

Price: AUD$598 (+ visa fee)

Learn and Discover’ package

This package is perfect for those who see Australia as an opportunity to meet new friends. Generally, the people you meet in the first days and with whom you share the first difficulties (new country, new language) are the ones who will become your best friends. That is why, in addition to the Welcome Pack and the application for your Working Holiday Visa, we have added to the package a four-week English course to be used in the first weeks of your stay. But be warned, this four-week course will not take your English from Beginner to Advanced, but it will serve as a great refresher and allow you to meet people from all over the world who, like you, have just arrived and are eager to make new friends.

Price: AUD$ 1098 (+ visa fee)

Ultimate Australia Package

This package is designed for those who don’t want to miss out on anything, from the beginning to the end of the experience. The Welcome Pack is the part of this package that will make your arrival easier (see above). In addition, we have also left open a three-month English course, so that you can ensure a significant improvement in your initial level of English. And finally, it also includes a consultation with the aim of achieving your goal of Permanent Residence in Australia.

Price: AUD$2498 (+ visa fee)


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