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February 23, 2023

The 8 bureaucratic procedures to be finalised at the end of the Australian experience

Atlas Migration’s purpose is to help you live in Australia and migrate to Australia; however, for those who want to leave Australia, here is what to do before leaving the country.

Usually, at Atlas Migration we take care of guiding people in all those bureaucratic procedures useful for those who want to stay in Australia forever. The following article goes therefore a bit against the trend, but often, by choice or necessity, it happens that you have to put an end to the ‘Australian chapter’ of your life.

Leaving Australia, in general, requires far less paperwork than initial upon arrival or renewal. For convenience, we have decided to divide them into two categories: those that can be done when you’re still in Australia, and those that are only possible once you have left the country.

What to do before leaving Australia?

Transfer Australian savings to a foreign account

As trivial as the advice may seem, remember that an international wire transfer is weighed down by less favourable exchange rates and higher transaction fees. Using a platform like Wise, it will be easy to optimise the costs and times of recovering your money.

Regularise your tax situation with the Australian Taxation Office

It must be kept in mind that not everyone is required to submit a tax return at the end of the tax year or at the end of the experience. For example, Working Holiday Visa holders who have only worked in TFN and earned less than AUD $45,000 are not required to submit it. (ripetizione dell’espressione ‘fare un esempio’) On the contrary, everyone who has earned this threshold or who has worked with an Australian Business Number have to. Regularising your tax position prevents you from the possibility of having contracted debts, and it can often result in sums of money to be recovered.

Atlas Migration does not deal with taxes but we recommend the expert Massimiliano Bigone who you can reach at the following email address: mb@jpntax.com.

Send excess baggage to Italy

Have you reached the limit allowed by your airline but have other things to take home?

Here are some solutions:

  a) Australian Post. To give you an idea, a package with a maximum weight of 20kg can travel from Sydney to Turin with a budget ranging from $50 to $200 based on the desired weight and means of transport (therefore also arrival speed).

Here is a useful tool to accurately calculate costs and times: https://auspost.com.au/parcels-mail/calculate-postage-delivery-times/#/

  b) Transport Management Worldwide Express. Specialised in routes to Europe, it deals with shipments by sea or by air

  c) Jetta Express. Company operating since 1994 and according to recent comparisons they could have the most competitive prices

Things to do once you leave Australia

Apply for repatriation unemployment

There is a period of time as soon as you return to obtain the so-called repatriation unemployment.

What is due is calculated on the basis of what was received in the previous year.

Cancel your visa (or let it expire)

For safety and to avoid complications, this phase is either skipped or performed when in Italy. It doesn’t necessarily have to be like this: actually, it is possible to cancel one’s visa while in Australia and, if your request is accepted, the Department grants you 28 days to leave the country. However, canceling your visa once you’re in Italy, avoids complications that can arise from delays or change of intentions. It is also possible to wait until the visa expires, however, to connect us to the next point, it would not be possible to recover your superannuation if your visa is active. Your visa can be canceled as follows:

  a) Login to your ImmiAccount

  b) Select the tab relating to your visa

  c) Click on the left side menu (‘Update Details’) 

  d) Select ‘Request to cancel a temporary resident visa’

  e) Fill in the form with the requested personal information

Request the superannuation 

Your employers have paid you an amount equal to 10% of your salary into your superannuation account (that is the corresponding of our pension fund). Once your visa has expired or been cancelled, you will be able to complete the process to recover that money.

Some facts to keep in mind:

  • If you’ve ever had even just a Working Holiday Visa, the total amount will be taxed at 65% (you got it right, just a bit over a third is recovered).
  • If you have never held a Working Holiday Visa, you will be taxed 35%
  • If the amount to be recovered is more than AUD $5,000, and the filing requires a longer process
  • It’s not true that once you’ve recovered your superannuation you can’t go back to Australia, it’s simply a legend
  • It is possible to commission this practice to a tax agent
  • It is possible to receive this compensation in an Australian bank account, but not overseas. If you have already closed your account, your only option is to receive a check.

Close your Australian bank account

We have insert this point among the last just for those who, before closing it, want to still have a valid account in their name to recover the refund of taxes and the pension fund. However, closing it in Australia, after having moved your savings, is easier, you just have to go to the branch. From abroad, it is more complex, as the tariffs to call Australia are expensive. A good solution is to search for the bank’s official Facebook page, which, via chat or app, is often able to help you close your account remotely.

Transfer your residence to the new municipality of residence

If you have been in Australia for more than six months, at least in theory, you would have had to transfer your residence from the municipality to the Registry of Italians Resident Abroad (AIRE). Return to the municipality again, this time, for the reverse process and with a unique story to tell the very bored employee.

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