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April 15, 2021


It is immediately apparent how much need there is in Australia for qualified plumbers when you start to count all the immigration programs available for those who can demonstrate that they come under the category of the Profession 334111, Plumber. They might look like the Christmas Bingo numbers, but these are actually the Subclasses of visas that qualified plumbers can choose from: 189, 190, 491, 485, TSS 482, 186, 407, 494. Although the abundant choice is tempting, it is also true that each visa represents a pathway of different costs, prerequisites and timing, which is a reason why it is always suggested you have a personalised consultation with a migration agent before any stage, especially an irreversible one.

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Get a job as plumber in Australia

Now that we realise the plumber is sought after in the Australian work scene, we need to know how to become a plumber in Australia. In fact, it does not matter if you already are one from elsewhere, the Profession in Australia is hyper-regulated, which is why it is necessary to undergo a process known as ‘gap reduction’ of the standards practised in another country and those practised in Australia.

For qualifications already completed in Europe, it is necessary to undergo an OSTR first, that is recognition that the skills acquired overseas are compatible with relevant Australian legislation (this phase can be completed in Italy, and helps to find work before arriving in Australia), enabling the applicant to obtain a temporary licence. In any case, a period of supervision is prescribed before granting the full licence.

The whole process is divided into the following stages:

OSTR / Obtaining a temporary licence
Period of supervision (Australian Context Gap Training)
Obtaining the Australian qualification
Obtaining the definitive licence

Qualification: Certificate III in Plumbing
Skill Level: 3
Profession: 334111 Plumber (General)
Course program: https://training.gov.au/TrainingComponentFiles/CPC08/CPC32413_R2.pdf
Description: the big problem behind this type of course is that it is not available for international students. The only institute offering this training course to non-Australians or permanent residents is in Melbourne. The program is extremely technical and equivalent to an actual year of work experience which the locals believe to be a proper ‘apprenticeship’.

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