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April 15, 2021


It’s not so rare to have a passion and even potential talent. Converting interest into a career or business, however, requires a path of rigorous training.  At a global level, there are two specific trends: on the one hand the labour market relating to the photography industry has not had a decline even after the various financial crises. On the other hand, the trend of lowering prices for equipment has made the sector more competitive with more people taking it up, not only as applicants for the various job offers, but also small business people, often digital nomads, who earn a living by immortalising the many wonders of our planet. Consequently, a strategy of specialisation is needed that includes the less popular aspects of the subject: post-production, specialisation, commercial photography. Regarding an immigration strategy, at a vocational level, the course does not lead to post-study visas.  The body associated with the Profession is VETASSESS, which accepts the Diploma as the relevant qualification and issues a positive Skill Assessment if, following the qualification, the applicant has accumulated at least a year of relevant and post-qualification work experience. The profession is however on the Short-Term List of the Skilled Occupation List and a sponsor is usually temporary unless they satisfy the prerequisites for a 494 Visa in a regional area.

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Working as a photographer in Australia

Qualification: Diploma of Photography and Photo Imaging
Skill Level: 2
Profession: 211311 Photographer (Skill Level: 2)
Course program: https://training.gov.au/training/details/CUA50915
Description: although this is also covered amongst the various units of the course, knowing how to immortalise unique photos is not the only thing that counts. The perfect snap requires the right marketing, otherwise it remains in the domain of hobbies and not that of working professions. Strategic photography taken skilfully can make a subject or an unknown destination in the subject of interest to hundreds or thousands of people. So commercial photography should be understood as a mosaic of different skills: mastering the equipment, basic technique and theory, creativity, strategic use of psychology and emotions.

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