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August 29, 2022

How to reach Permanent Residency working in Hospitality?

Did you know you can be sponsored if you’re working for a restaurant or cafe? And we are not talking about chefs and cooks only. If you want to know more, keep reading.

One of the best ways to apply for a Permanent Residency in Australia is by working as a Chef, as this occupation is on the list MLTSSL. However, it’s commonly said that it is not possible to become a permanent resident as a Waiter/ Waitress. Yet, that might be possible through a Labour Agreement.


What is a Labour Agreement?

The labour agreement enables employers to sponsor skilled overseas workers when a demonstrated need cannot be met in the Australian labour market. These agreements allow applicants to reach Permanent Resident in a profession that usually cannot be sponsored.

The company needs only to demonstrate: be an Australian registered business show that it has been operating in Australia for at least 12 months show evidence of financial viability and show that the business has not been able to find Australian workers for the position.

What arrangements are available for hospitality businesses?

There are 2 main labour agreements that cover the Hospitality sector:

Arrangement #1

Hotel and Accommodation Industry A set of company-specific labour agreement arrangements are now available to support businesses to fill critical skill shortages in the hotel and accommodation industry, including in-house food services. These arrangements are temporary to support recovery from COVID-19 and will be reviewed after 12 months.

A permanent residence pathway for overseas workers. The following seven ANZSCO occupations can apply :

✔️Hotel or Motel Manager

✔️Hotel Service Manager

✔️Accommodation and Hospitality Manager or Café or Restaurant Manager (in-house restaurant)

✔️Cook (in-house restaurant)

✔️Chef (in-house restaurant)

✔️Pastry Cook (in-house restaurant)


Arrangement #2

Premium Dining Industry The Restaurant (premium dining) Industry Labour Agreement lets you sponsor skilled overseas workers in Australian premium quality dining restaurants as cooks, chefs, café or restaurant managers and trade waiters for periods of up to 4 years and/or for permanent residence.

The positions available through this path are:

✔️Café or Restaurant Manager



✔️Trade Waiter



It is commonly known that you cannot reach a Permanent Residency after you turn 45. This is not always true. You can reach a permanent residency through the Employer Nomination Scheme visa (subclass 186) or through the Skilled Employer Sponsored Regional (Provisional) visa (subclass 494) with an associated age concession, available through the Labour Agreement paths.


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