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February 16, 2022

New 259 occupations added to South Australia’s Skilled Occupation List

South Australia will open Registrations of Interest (ROIs) to applicants currently residing offshore in a further 259 occupations on the State’s Skilled Occupation List from 16 February 2022.

The requirements for state nomination, including the subclasses offered, will vary depending on the occupation.

Full requirements will be shown on South Australia’s Skilled Occupation List.

Requirements to apply

For South Australian state nomination, prospective applicants must meet the Department of Home Affairs requirements, state-specific occupation requirements and have skills in an occupation that is available on our Skilled Occupation List. Offshore applicants meeting the minimum published requirements can lodge an ROI.

Skilled Migrants seeking a state nomination for a subclass 491 or 190 visa will need to:

  1. Review South Australia’s Skilled Occupation List to ensure your occupation is available for state nomination and you meet the specific requirements for your occupation.
  2. Review all requirements associated with your chosen visa pathway. Please refer to:
    Skilled Nominated visa (subclass 190)
    Skilled Work Regional (Provisional) visa (subclass 491)
  3. Review any supporting information that you may need to consider prior to applying.
  4. Prepare all required documentation ready for your application. Please refer to the State Nomination Document Checklist for further information.
  5. If applying for Talent & Innovators program, you will need to submit an Expression of Interest application to Skilled & Business Migration.


Key to know: State Nomination is a competitive process. There is no guarantee of receiving an invitation to apply for state nomination after lodging an RoI, even if the minimum requirements are satisfied.

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