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April 15, 2021


In spite of the disappearance of the automotive manufacturing industry in 2017, when Holden announced the closure of its last production factory in Australia, the Automotive sector represents immense turnover for the country’s economy. Economists put the failure of the vehicle production sector down to a lack of industry protection through the use of tariffs, which are strongly used in the competing western markets. 77% of the importation of vehicles destined for automobile sale in 2017 was without duties, weighing heavily on local producers along with another critical factor, that is the high average income in Australia.

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Working as a pastry cook in Australia

If the end of the old automotive era sees the production outsourced to countries with a significantly lower labour cost, the ‘new phase’ has been able to learn from history and maximise income from sales, maintenance, parts and repairs. The ‘automotive service’ industry consists of a combination of small industries that as a whole contribute to a turnover in the country of around 37 billion dollars and employs around 350,000 Australian residents.

The Profession of Mechanic in Australia can be sponsored by pursuing various specialisations, as well as the profession of general mechanic:

321212: Diesel Motor Mechanic
321211: Motor Mechanic (General)
321213: Motorcycle Mechanic
321214: Small Engine Mechanic

The listing of these on the Medium Long-Term List of the Skilled Occupation List, then gives access to all types of visa (temporary, permanent, sponsorship).

A sponsored visa TSS 482 for a Profession on the Medium-Long- Term List requires three main prerequisites:

– a business that nominates the worker
– a relevant qualification followed by two years of demonstrable experience in the sector or enough experience to substitute the formal qualification according to the ANZSCO directives
– a certified level of English (IELTS, TOEFL, Cambridge, PTE)

The sponsorship of the mechanic can be for up to four years, but from the end of the third year the 482 visa holder is able to apply for a transition visa to another sponsor of a permanent nature, the Subclass 186. Independent immigration programs for individuals who are qualified and meet the points system are available in the form of visa 491 and 190. The possibility of obtaining a Post Graduate visa (Subclass 485) at the end of one of the relevant study courses enables the student to accumulate the necessary work experience to not only attain the Qualification but also the required post-qualification work experience.

While it is not at all rare for us to assist Italian mechanics sponsored in Australia, to give an accurate account, it is appropriate to note that for central-Europeans the job market is complicated by the huge anglophone competition (or proficient English speakers) from places like United Kingdom, Canada, United States, New Zealand and Germany. Given the technical nature of the subject and the need to collaborate continually, the language level is a very important prerequisite and from this point of view the nationalities mentioned above have a general advantage.

Certificate III in Light Vehicle / Diesel Technology
Certificate IV in Mechanical Diagnosis Diploma of Automotive

Skill Level: 2,3
Profession: UNIT GROUP 3212 Motor Mechanics
Course program:
Certificate III (entry level): https://training.gov.au/TrainingComponentFiles/AUR/AUR30616_R2.pdf
Certificate IV: https://training.gov.au/TrainingComponentFiles/AUR/AUR40216_R2.pdf

Description: the full program is delivered in phases of increasing specialisation, with a first phase (Certificate III) which is purely practical and functional in which, to sum it up, you ‘learn the art’. Certificate IV starts to alternate phases that are still practical with others of an administrative nature. The Diploma however, makes the mechanic not only a functioning professional but also an individual working in relation to the managerial aspects of the sector and competent in their knowledge of the industry as a whole. You start with a wrench and finish ready for management, with all the tenacity required in the middle.

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