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April 15, 2021

Massage therapist

The role of the massage therapist is to return their client to a state of general well-being after a phase of stress or muscular fatigue. The reasons for pursuing this Qualification are generally related to the opportunity to learn practical and useful techniques regardless of the legal system in which it is practised. The courses are considerably shorter and cheaper than a course in physiotherapy, although the salaries for the two categories are not even vaguely comparable. That doesn’t mean that massage therapists find themselves in economic straits: according to Seek Australia, in fact, the average salary of a massage therapist in Australia oscillates between AU $ 55,000 and 65,000 a year. Not bad for a Profession that can be practised both as a self-employed practitioner and as an employee, and maintains strong potential in terms of recognition beyond national borders.

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Working as a massage therapist in Australia

In terms of being able to convert it into medium to long term visas, best not to think of the pathway to PR as a simple transition. On the other hand, an analysis of current legislation shows it’s also not impossible. Included in the Short-Term list of the Skilled Occupation List, Profession number 411611 Massage Therapist is eligible for a sponsor TSS 482, although this would only be of a temporary nature (two years possibly renewable just once). We have yet to see which states will include Massage Therapist in the lists which are valid for the 190 and 491 visas in the post-Covid context. At this point, the Profession is compatible with sponsorship in a regional area, that is Subclass 494, but requires, in addition to a positive Skill Assessment, three years of post-qualification work experience and a relatively high level of English.

Qualification: Certificate IV in Massage Therapy, Diploma in Remedial Massage
Skill Level
: 2
Profession: 411611 Massage Therapist
Course program:
Certificate IV: https://training.gov.au/TrainingComponentFiles/HLT/HLT42015_R3.pdf
Diploma: https://training.gov.au/TrainingComponentFiles/HLT/HLT52015_R3.pdf
Description: depending on the chosen level of studies, the student learns more or less complex techniques and builds on their skill set. The massage techniques are undoubtedly the fulcrum of the course, but attention is also focused on training the professional in relation to current industrial legislation and professional duties before and after providing the service.

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