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February 21, 2023

Living on the Sunshine Coast: Is it the best place to live with WHV?

When one decides to go and live in Australia one is always undecided between Sydney and Melbourne. Living in Australian cities is in fact one of the most common experiences for Italians in Australia. However, for those who are not fans of city life, the option of living on the coast should be considered.

During the first year of the Working Holiday Visa, many end up living in the regional area for the renewal of the visa (in fact, in order to renew the first Working Holiday Visa, you need to complete 88 days of regional work, you might be interested in: renewing the Working Holiday Visa).

What not everyone knows is that since 2018 the whole Australian territory has been a regional area, with the exception of the metropolitan areas of Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane: that is, it is possible to obtain permanent residence with a long list of professions in almost the whole country.

Living on the Sunshine Coast has become a rather important phenomenon especially during the pandemic: in fact, many Australians and those not stuck in big cities during the lockdown have decided to move to the coast in search of a healthier and more relaxed lifestyle.

To this date, the population of the Sunshine Coast has soared resulting in an absurd increase in home prices for both purchase and rent.


The Sunshine Coast is an area on the Queensland coast about an hour and a half from Brisbane and stretches from above Maroochydore to Noosa. In the past the Sunshine coast – and above all Noosa – was a destination known mainly by surfers and camping lovers, in recent years it has become the last frontier of luxury holidays in Australia. This area, in addition to being bathed by crystalline waters and being lapped by kilometre and kilometre of white beaches, is in fact characterised by a predominantly sunny and mild climate for most of the year.

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  • Noosa is not the Sunshine Coast

The costs of living on the coast, as in the rest of the country and the world, have increased exponentially during the pandemic. However, a distinction must be made between Noosa and the rest of the coast.

Life in Noosa is much more expensive than on the rest of the coast!

Rentals cost an average of 20% more than in other locations; petrol costs at least AUD0.20 more than in other neighbouring cities, the same food inside the supermarkets is more expensive in Noosa than for example in Nambour; going out to dinner is more expensive in Noosa than in other cities.

  • How much do rentals cost on the Sunshine Coast?

Renting a single room costs between 250 and 350 dollars a week (250 inland and 350 or more near the sea); renting a one-bedroom furnished apartment on the coast costs at least $500 a week.

How much does it cost to travel on the Sunshine Coast?

Unfortunately one of the main flaws of life on the coast is the lack of reliable public transport which involves a necessary expense: the purchase of a car that allows you to move around in total autonomy.

Relying on Uber or other carpooling methods is not possible both due to problems relating to prices – around 20 dollars for the shorter journeys – and due to the actual lack of means: in fact, demand is much higher than supply.

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The Sunshine Coast used to be a remote part of Queensland known only for its white beaches and perfect waves; today the Sunny Coast is considered Australia’s Silicon Valley and job opportunities have grown hand in hand with its demographic expansion.

Although working in hospitality represents one of the major job opportunities today, working in the Sunshine Coast also means much more:

  • the recent opening of the hospital in Birtinya has created many jobs in the medical field as well as guaranteeing adequate care to the population of the area previously forced to travel as far as Brisbane in search of specialised medical assistance (you may be interested in: working as a nurse in Australia)
  • the growing tourist activity on the coast allows a constant growth of tourism with consequent job opportunities for workers in the sector
  • Sunshine Coast Airport is expanding its routes at a staggering pace ahead of the 2032 Brisbane Olympics while also creating tons of jobs
  • towns like Maroochydore or Mooloolaba continue to grow steadily providing diverse jobs
  • attention to personal care and fitness are equally growing sectors so do not be surprised by the amount of job offers in sunshine coast in this sector



The Sunshine Coast is undoubtedly one of the most touristic areas of Australia and the reason is quite obvious: crystal clear waters and white beaches as far as the eye can see. Here are a few ideas for your trip to the Queensland coast:

  • Fraser Island: the largest sand island in the world is famous for the sighting of Humpback Whales and the iridescent coloured lakes, absolutely not to be missed
  • Noosa: comparable to our Capri in terms of prices and things to do, Noosa has become a rather exclusive destination in recent years, however what makes it truly unique is not the shopping street and renowned restaurants as much as the National Park and its perfect waves – if you pass by a surf is a must
  • Kondalilla National Park: waterfalls, green paths, fairy-tale atmosphere. Do not miss a trip to the Kondalilla National Park followed by a trip to the neighboring towns of Montville and Maleny (a visit to the Mapleton Public House is not to be missed in this area: an old pub converted into a zero km restaurant)
  • A sunset on Mount Timbeerwah look out
  • An aperitif at the Mooloolaba wharf
  • Climbing Mount Coolum
  • A visit to the Eumundi Market (the largest market on the coast is held in Eumundi every Wednesday and Saturday)


Did you know that Noosa is considered to be the best city to live in when on a Working Holiday Visa? In fact, from here it is possible to reach numerous farms in neighbouring areas where you can complete the 88-day renewal!

For any other questions, do not hesitate to contact our infopoint, our Marta will be happy to help you!

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