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April 15, 2021


A professional course in the field of journalism is usually only a targeted choice and not connected to immigration strategies. Public Relations Professionals and Journalists are professional figures who have a university qualification that could be in journalism or in international relations. This type of course at a vocational level is perfect for integrating existing qualifications or refining your profile with new skills. The profession of journalist is well paid in Australia (average $81,000 a year) and studying this discipline in a foreign country is certainly perceived as a bonus as it can add diversity to a report.

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Working as a Journalist in Australia

Qualification: Diploma of Journalism
Skill Level: 2
Profession: 212499 Journalists and Other Writers nec (Skill Level: 1)
Course program: https://training.gov.au/Training/Details/30793QLD
Description: this course comes under the category of vocational courses as it aims to provide very practical skills such as the so-called ‘MOJO’, that is the ability to be able to tackle the art of ‘mobile journalism’ which is today more a necessity than an option. A lot of work focusses on refining the skill of storytelling, reporting, management and strategic communication of breaking news. The student also chooses from fields of particular interest, such as news, economics, politics, events or sport.

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