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April 22, 2022

Free skills assessments and subsidised employability training for migrants in Australia

To provide better opportunities for onshore migrants to join the workforce, the Australian Government is introducing three Migrant Skills Incentives. Check this out!

 The incentives will benefit around 9,500 onshore migrants who will be able to access free, fast-tracked skills assessments, free employability assessments and subsidised training to improve their employment arrangements.

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Incentive 1 – Faster Migrant Skills Assessments

This incentive offers fast-tracked skills assessments for onshore migrants who have already submitted and paid for an application in a priority occupation and are awaiting an outcome.

This incentive will provide an opportunity for onshore migrants to join the workforce and address skills shortages. 

A full list of priority occupations is linked below.

Incentive 2 – Skills Assessment Opportunities for Migrants
This incentive offers onshore migrants who reside in Australia on a permanent family, partner, humanitarian or refugee visa with a free, fast-tracked skills assessment.

This incentive is available to migrants who have never undergone a skills assessment and who have skills, qualifications and/or experience directly relevant to a priority occupation. A full list of priority occupations is linked below.


Incentive 3 – Employability Assessments
This incentive is aimed at improving employment outcomes for skilled migrants working below their skill level.

This incentive offers onshore migrants, who have previously received a suitable skills assessment in a priority occupation, a free employability assessment and access to subsidised training to gain the specific skills required in the Australian job market. A full list of priority occupations will be published soon.


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