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Higher Education

Higher Education

The group of Eight

Universities in Australia

University in Australia is a microcosm of institutions and courses that represent one of the main engines of the Australian economy.

In fact, Australia has 40 different Universities and some of the most prestigious institutions in the world.

Eight, in particular, are recognized for academic excellence and regarded as the eight best Universities in Australia (Monash University, University of Melbourne, The University of New South Wales, The University of Sydney, The University of Adelaide, The University of Western Australia, The Australian National University and The University of Queensland). These institutions are in fact referred to as ‘The Group of Eight’.


Study in Australia – where nature, surf, cityscapes, and diverse cultures offer an enriching experience for your personal growth!

Graduate in a English-speaking country

It’s not only about English, it is also about which experiences you will get after finishing your degree and the unforgettable memories you will have.

Study for migratory purposes

Getting an Australian degree would probably be a capstone within your overall migratory strategy. Book a consultation now and get your journey started!

How to get accepted into an Australian University.

Each university can determine its own admission prerequisites for its study courses. The most prestigious Universities can have courses limited to a few dozen students per year, and the competition in those cases is very strong.

The specific criteria depend on the level of study and subject of interest. In terms of the minimum level of English, it starts with the Bachelor Degree, which requires an IELTS Academic certificate or its equivalent (such as the Pearson Test of English or TOEFEL). Normally the entry level is 6.5 Academic, but depending on the subject, a 6 might be sufficient, or it might be necessary to get a higher level like 7.5 Academic (courses such as nursing and teaching require that kind of level of English).

Often the university requires a letter of intent in which the candidate is asked to attend and explain their reasons for choosing the specific course and how their future plans relate to their academic choices. This letter becomes very important where places are limited and the admissions officer has to select on the basis of certain criteria.

Another criterion for selection used by Universities is the performance achieved in the student’s previous educational courses. For a Bachelor Degree, this refers to the results obtained in senior school, while for the Master’s Degree it is necessary to show the results for the previous degree, which in some cases must also be relevant to the subject of the chosen course.

Why studying in Australia

There are many different reasons why a student decides to attend a University course in Australia. Escaping the mundane is often one of the factors determining that choice: Australia is distant and fascinating, and being able to study literally on the other side of the world often proves to be a unique experience.

Obtaining a study qualification issued in English is also well appreciated by the big international businesses in Italy and Europe, which tend to look favourably upon students who have studied ‘abroad’.

However, sometimes, obtaining a study qualification in Australia can be part of a broader migratory sort of strategy. The only way in fact to get registered in the register of practising professionals of a particular profession is by obtaining the corresponding Australian qualification.

Lauree Triennali

Bachelor’s Degree

Questo tipo di corsi sono equivalenti alle nostre Lauree triennali. Questi corsi impartiscono una formazione specifica partendo però da un livello di base al quale può accedere chiunque abbia completato un percorso di educazione secondaria (come le nostre scuole superiori). Il percorso dura tre o quattro anni a seconda del corso in questione, ed i periodi di studio sono divisi in semestri, alla fine dei quali vengono sostenuti gli esami finali, quasi sempre di natura scritta.

Bachelors with Honours

These are ‘boosted’ Bachelor’s degrees. The study load is generally greater and there is particular focus on research, which is later developed in detail if a Master’s degree is pursued.

Master’s by Research

The more classic study pathway is called the Master by Coursework and consists of face-to-face studies, in which there are lessons and exam periods which can be held during the year in the form of presentations or projects, or at the end of the year in the form of final written exams. These courses usually run for two years.

Lauree Specialistiche

Master’s Degree

This type of Master’s leaves ample space for research by reducing lessons and face-to-face learning to a minimum. During the course, the student undertakes in-depth research

Doctor of Philosophy

Abbreviated to PhD, a Doctor of Philosophy is the highest level of education, conferring the title of ‘Dottore’. The candidate must develop a research thesis, present it and defend it before greater experts in the field. The PhD is the only course of studies that allows the candidate to work full-time while taking the course.

Studying at University in Australia requires a well-defined budget, since the cost of living ‘down-under’ is definitely amongst the highest in the world. Compared with a few years ago, however, there has been a drop in prices due to the constantly increasing competition from the United States of America, Britain, Canada and Europe. The minimum prices for a three-year degree are around $40,000 (AU$13,500 per year), while the minimum price for a Master’s Degree is around $34,000. Bear in mind that the maximum prices can get to a few hundred thousand dollars, depending on the subject studied and above all the prestige of the university. There are scholarships, but they are managed at a private level by the universities which grant them on the basis of defined criteria. Kaplan Business School, for example, allocated a reduction of 20% to attract students from Europe or South America.

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