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September 19, 2022

Fun facts maybe you didn’t know about the main cities in Australia

Australia is well-known for its outstanding beaches, natural wonders, easy-going lifestyle, and rich cultural scene. From the cosmopolitan Sydney to the exotic Tasmania, this country is full of experiences we promise you will never forget.

That’s why we grouped some fun facts from Australia’s main cities that maybe you didn’t know.

Read them over and let us know which one you found most interesting.


  • The Sydney Opera House was designed by Jorn Utzon, a Danish architect, and was completed in 1973, after sixteen years of construction. The iconic building costed over $100 million dollars.


Looking north over Sydney Harbour and the construction site at Bennelong Point.

State Library of New South Wales 1964



  • Sydney is famous for its incredible New Year’s fireworks show that lights up the night and last for 85 minutes.
  • According to the Guinness Book of World Records, the 1650-foot length makes the Sydney Harbour Bridge the 5th longest long-span bridge worldwide. 
  •  Sydney is not Bondi Beach Only (although we love that stunning spot). The city is home to over 100 beaches within its limits and has some of Australia’s most unique shorelines. 
  • The Blue Mountains are blue, as their name refers, and get their name from the mix of oils that evaporate from the region’s thick gum tree forest that covers the area. 


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  • Melbourne was the capital city of Australia for 26 years, between 1901 and 1927, before the capital shifted to Canberra. By the way, Melbourne was firstly named Batmania.
  • Melbourne is known for its unpredictable weather, and it’s often possible to experience four seasons in one day. Bring your umbrella with you- just in case.
  • Melbourne has the highest number of restaurants and cafes per number of people than any other city in the world, and its coffee culture is one of the best worldwide.
  • There are wild penguins in Melbourne! Phillip Island is famous for its penguin parade, but you can also see them in St Kilda.

  • Brisbane is the birthplace of the Lamington! The popular Australian cake was created in 1900 for the wife of Queensland’s Governor, Lady Lamington.
  • Brisbane is known as the sunniest capital in the country, with over 300 sunny days each year. So if you like warm weather, that’s a city you will be happy to live in. 
  • The Chinatown Mall in Fortitude Valley was featured in Jackie Chan’s renowned movie, “Jackie Chan’s First Strike”. 
  • North Stradbroke Island and Moreton Island, located just off the coast of Brisbane, are the world’s second and third-largest sand islands.


  • It’s one of the only places in Australia where you can go on a Hot Air Balloon ride. The Canberra Balloon Spectacular is part of the annual Enlighten Festival. Spectators can view hundreds of colourful hot air balloons floating above the capital. 
  • Canberra boasts a collection of exceptional wineries. The capital of Australia is also a must-go spot for wine lovers.
  • Canberra has a NASA base – Canberra Deep Space Communication Complex. The base is located at Tidbinbilla, and it is one of three stations in the world. 


  • It’s home to the happiest animal in the world: Quokkas. Those animals are small and adorable marsupials that live just off the coast of Perth on Rottnest Island and have no fear of approaching humans and interacting with them. Go on Google and search #Quokkaselfie, and you will prove it yourself.



  • Perth is only five hours away from Singapore! As Perth is quite close to Singapore, both share the same time zone, which means that Perth does not follow Daylight Savings Time, like other cities around Australia. 
  • It’s one of the most isolated cities in the world, as it’s located 2,104 km away from the next closest capital city, Adelaide. Yet, there is so much to explore!


  • It has been named the ’20 minute city’ as it is possible to get to any city’s point in just 20 minutes. 
  •  It was the first city to give women access to vote, recognise Indigenous land rights, and criminalise sexual and racial discrimination.
  • Another nickname Adelaide has gotten is the “City of Churches”. Some of those sites are historical monuments such as Trinity Church Adelaide, St Mary’s Catholic Church and St Peter’s Cathedral.


  • The city was named after British evolutionist Charles Darwin.
  • Darwin has a booming cultural scene with museums, art galleries, theatre plays, cinemas and markets. No one can say there’s nothing to do in Darwin!
  • Darwin offers a tropical climate, with an average of 32 degrees. It’s an ideal city for those who love an easy-going lifestyle.


  • Hobart is the capital and most populous city of the Australian island state of Tasmania. It is the least populated state capital in Australia. \
  • Founded in 1803 as a penal colony, Hobart is Australia’s second oldest capital city after Sydney, New South Wales. 
  • Hobart is internationally famous for hosting the Hobart Yacht Race, which starts in Sydney the day after Christmas Day. That’s part of the Hobart Summer Festival, which begins just after Christmas and ends in mid-January. 


  • Cairns is proud to have the highest mountain in Queensland. Mount Bartle Frere measures a whopping 1,611m tall.
  • The Cairns region is home to the world’s largest lava tubes, found in the nearby Undara National Park. 
  • The city is the gateway to the Great Barrier Reef. The Great Barrier Reef is the world’s most extensive reef system that groups around 2,900 individual reefs and can be seen from space. Each year, people flock to the reef from around the world to swim, snorkel, and dive with the more than 1,500 marine species that call the reef home.



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