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April 15, 2021


A word from the experts: those who decide to enrol in this type of course don’t necessarily intend to open their own business. There’s no more promising employee than one who is on the same frequency as their employer and knows how to grasp opportunities the moment they present themselves. That ability, which can be innate, but can also be acquired through study, is called ‘entrepreneurship’, that is, the propensity of employees to take responsibility for the conversion of ideas into profits. Over time, an actual type of profession has arisen: the  Business Development Manager in fact is the figure in the company who is dedicated to seeking and pursuing profits linked not only to the aggression of new markets but also to the maximisation of profits derived from the existing customer base.

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However, the fact remains that every day new entrepreneurs start out on the market and their business activities, ready to do battle on local, European, international and global markets. To qualify oneself as a first-time entrepreneur, can mean not only being guided in the pioneering phase by mentors who have already successfully created a business, but also obtained formal recognition of their group leader skills. For the existing entrepreneurs, on the other hand, this course represents the opportunity to reflect on methods of innovation for the purposes of survival or maintaining leadership in the market.

Qualification: Diploma of Entrepreneurship & Innovation
Skill Level: 2
Course program: https://training.gov.au/Training/Details/10733NAT
Description:  How to create a business from the foundations? Or rather, how to transform an idea into a commercial activity? How do you raise capital without having any? How do you attract investors to an idea with potential? And above all, how do you assess and judge the potential of an idea? These are all themes of this sort of Diploma. There are various institutes and schools, and each has available a team of mentors and specialised figures.

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