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February 15, 2023

Moving to Australia: Yes, but where? How to choose between East Coast and West Coast.

Moving to Australia: Yes but where? Can’t you choose between East Coast and West Coast of the country? Here is a simple guide to help you decide

Have you just found the courage to apply for your Working Holiday Visa and are you ready to leave to Australia but can’t decide where to land as soon as you arrive? We will help you!

If you follow our live on Facebook you will know about our corporate war between East and West, some of us are in love with Perth others could never live there. Why do we tell you this? Because the choice of the city where to arrive in Australia is extremely subjective and depends on the lifestyle you would like to have once you arrive here and on your personal tastes.

What do you expect to find in Australia?

How to choose the most suitable city for you

The first step in deciding where to move is to ask yourself what you expect to find once you get Down Under; What characteristics would you like the city where you will try to build your new life to have?

You have to know that life on the East Coast, in cities like Sydney and Melbourne, is very, very different from the life you can find in Perth.

What do you want to do in Australia?

Are you looking for a city with a vibrant nightlife? A place to go out at any time of the day or night, always finding something to do or an open restaurant to eat? A place where the lifestyle is reminiscent of London? Great, stay away from Perth and book a ticket to Melbourne! Alternatively, you can go to Sydney, Gold Coast or Brisbane.

Are you looking for a quiet city, one that doesn’t know crazy traffic jams, a city where a glass of wine by the sea knocks a rooftop bar off your wish list? Do you dream of semi-deserted beaches, breathtaking sunsets and many days of bright sunshine make you happy? Then welcome to Western Australia, Perth is probably the best city for you!

We have so far analysed the lifestyle and the amount of things to do in one or the other city, now is the time to talk about the climate and what you want to do as soon as you arrive in Australia.

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The climate in Australia

Sorry… it’s not always summer in Australia!

Discover the Australian weather region by region

Did you know that Melbourne is considered the London of Australia? Did you know that you can ski “nearby” Sydney and Melbourne in winter? Did you know that Perth is one of the sunniest cities in the world? And did you know that in Darwin, Northern Territory, there is a minimum temperature – on annual basis – of 21°C?

This is just to give you a vague idea of how much the myth that it is always summer in Australia is anything but true.

There are areas with a tropical climate – the northern part of the country – where temperatures NEVER drop below 20°C but there are also areas – the southern part of the country – where temperatures drop below zero in winter.

Why so much attention to temperatures?

Living in Australia – the distances

There are only 60 cities in Australia with more than 20,000 inhabitants.

And did you know that in addition to the previously mentioned cities and a handful of others, the rest of the Australian continent is practically deserted?

Why so much attention to Australian demographics?

Perth: most isolated city in the world 

Because if you decide to move to Perth you will also have to consider the fact that the only cities that can be reached in less than a day’s travel are Bunbury (about 90,000 inhabitants, two hours from Perth) and Geraldton (about 20,000 inhabitants, five hours from Perth); to find a city with over a million inhabitants you will have to drive about 2000 km and reach Adelaide. Well, this should give you an idea of the isolated state of the western part of the Australian continent.

Living on the east coast of Australia 

Instead, you will find a completely different situation in the east where almost 90% of Australians live and where you will have the opportunity to organise Sunday trips out of town, where it is possible to see something different, where mountains, sea and woods mix with the city ​​life.

Moving to Australia yes but where, our advice

If you are deciding to move to Australia and would like to make the most of your time here, perhaps to find a sponsor or a solution to stay, don’t waste your time with useless waitering jobs or washing dishes. Make farms now, NOW. Once your visa has been renewed, you will have over a year and a half available to decide what to do, to understand if you really like Australia, to realise if you really want to stay. And of course book a consultation with an immigration agent who can give you an overview of your situation.

And remember, for any question we are here, ready to help you!

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