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Vocational courses

One of the main features of Australia as a study destination, is the highly developed branch of professional courses within the education system. The courses on offer are so varied in nature that it has been necessary to formally create a new expert in the field: the Education Agent.

The PIER certificate, in fact, consists of specific training guaranteeing that the new consultant is able to:
– explain the differences between all the course levels
– give accurate advice about life in Australia
– apply concepts so as to give future career advice
– provide information about study courses all over Australia
The professional courses tend to be chosen mainly for these reasons:

– to learn a new profession or a skill you didn’t have
– round out your existing professional profile with a new area of study
– try out the world of tertiary studies without having to commit to a university context
– start or extend the Australian experience by adding an international educational title to your CV and cultural background

A good starting point is to familiarise yourself with the panorama of available courses, which can be found here:

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