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One of the best-known jurists, politicians and philosophers in history published, in 1597, a short treatise that came to be known today by the abbreviation ‘knowledge is power’. It is a very simple notion conceived of by Sir Francis Bacon with the Latin expression ‘ipsa scientia potestas est’ printed on a sheet of paper that then culminated in what historians later called a real revolution of thought. Four hundred and ninety-four years later, the world has become exponentially more complicated than the reality in which Bacon wrote, but we believe that this philosophy remains the key to reading our lives.The starting point is this: we do not choose the place where we are born. There is no way as individuals that we can influence the state of the economy where we live and not even many aspects of our lives. Nor are we able to move freely between borders, which are simple abstract inventions but around which very complicated systems have developed that regulate the flow.

So, what can we do, actively, to take control of our future? The answer is the simplest: get informed. When it is reliable, information makes it possible for us to plan the next steps in relation to our objectives. The difference between Francis Bacon’s time and ours is that while information was scarce then, today the web provides us with a huge and constant flow of information that tends to contradict itself, to lose its validity over time, to confuse us. It is important not only to verify this information but also to reorder it around criteria that make its use possible. Let’s take a small example: I’m an engineer and I want to move to Sydney forever. What are the migration programs available for my profession? Who will verify my skills? In what way? How long before I can get permanent residency? Is my age a factor? Do I need an employer? What documentation do I need to get?

Our behind-the-scenes work, at Atlas Migration, is the constant study of all authoritative sources regarding Australian bureaucracy, precisely in order to be able to make them available to a specific case, which might be yours. This process can take place effectively as a result of targeted advice. A consultation is a fundamental point in your project, because, if well-structured, it generates a ‘migration plan’ that simply needs to be followed at each phase. What distinguishes us from other agencies, is our predisposition to adapt general rules to the specific case and to follow its development over time. For this very reason, we always remind our clients that a period of self-reflection is essential before their consultation in order to obtain the best result from the consultation itself.

For us, consulting is a very serious and important moment, it allows us to evaluate your compatibility with existing immigration programs, identify any gaps and suggest a path that leads you to your goal in the most strategic way possible. There is no fixed duration of consulting with us, it is generally a one-hour interview, but it could be more or less, depending on the specific case. It is followed by a memorandum, that is, a summary of the case followed by the various options that can be pursued and also the associated costs and risks.

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