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April 15, 2021

Civil and Mechanical Engineering

The professional figures involved in the mechanical and industrial industry are varied. One in particular has sparked the interest of international students in Australia and it is in the category of ‘draftspersons’, that is, those making industrial drawings/designs in architectural or engineering studios. Translated in Italian as ‘progettista meccanico’ (mechanical designer) or ‘civile’ (civil designer) depending on the chosen specialisation, this sort of job in Australia is considered less specialised than engineering, but still requires a relatively precise level of study. This type of professional in fact looks after the preparation not only of drawings for engineers, but also develops plans of action, data collection, laboratory tests and maintenance of work tools.

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Working as Civil Engineer in Australia

Profession number 312211 (Civil Engineer Draftsperson) is on the Medium-Long term list of the Skilled Occupation List, giving those who complete even a vocational course of at least 92 weeks the possibility of applying for a visa Subclass 485 Post Graduate and pursuing a pathway to convert it into a permanent visa. There is a problem, that of the vocational courses, which are rather scarce in Australia, if you exclude the university courses (usually via the courses). That means, in the vocational field, we have to direct ourselves towards an Advanced Diploma of Civil Construction Design or an Associate Degree in Civil Engineering, two vocational courses that are on the AFQ Level 6,  just beneath the bachelor degree.

Advanced Diploma of Civil Construction Design
Associate Degree in Civil Engineering
Skill Level: 2
Profession: 312211 Civil Engineer Draftsperson (Skill Level 2)
Course program: https://training.gov.au/TrainingComponentFiles/RII/RII60613_R3.pdf
Description: the course has some compulsory subjects, ‘core units’, for building the technical basis of the professional, who doesn’t then necessarily have to work as an employee, but can decide to work as an external consultant. The ‘elective units’ enable the student to create their own specialisation in geotechnical design, CAD systems, quality management, industry innovation.

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