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February 23, 2023

Working in hospitality in Australia is a sort of obligatory step for all those who decide to live in Australia; there are many reasons: finding a job in hospitality is extremely easy especially when language skills are not excellent – the sector is in fact populated by many Italians.

Lexicon useful for understanding the article:

*casual: occasional; comparable to what we know as a “contract on call”, the employer has no obligations towards you, just as you have no obligations towards him. However, a casual contract requires a regular payment and and the payment of the superannuation.

*superannuation: is the Australian pension fund, you can access this fund only once: when you retire or before leaving Australia – in the case of WHVs. Working Holiday makers who apply for the superannuation before leaving the country receive 35% of the total paid-in (or in other words, that fund is taxed at 65%).

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Working in hospitality in Australia: practical guide

The RSA: the course for administering alcohol

How much does a waiter make in Australia?

Work as a barista in Australia?

What is the level of English required to be a waiter in Australia?

How to make a resume to work as a waiter?

The availability for your roster – working hours

Can I find a sponsor as a waiter?

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RSA: the course for the responsible service of Alcohol

Literally, the Service of Alcohol Manager is a certificate required to work in any business that administers alcohol, be it a pub, restaurant, casino or café next door.

To obtain it you must be over 18 years of age and in virtue of possession of the aforementioned you are severely punishable for incorrect administration of alcohol (for example if you serve alcohol to someone already intoxicated you risk a $10,000 fine).

Advice: since in Australia it is mandatory to have the RSA to work in hospitality, we advise you to do so before starting your research (it costs between $24 and $50 and you will have to hand in a copy in all the places where you will work).

You can get your RSA here: https://www.eot.edu.au

How much does a waiter earn in Australia

The salary in Australia is the incentive to look for work and not the sore point as in Italy.

  • Salary is paid weekly sometimes fortnightly – every two weeks
  • Your pay depends on your age: your salary depends not only on the level at which you work but also on your age, so even with the same hours of work and educational qualifications, a fifty years old man earns more than a sixteen years old boy
  • The minimum hourly wage for an adult (age 20) is approximately $27 per hour;

A waiter is generally classified at level 2-3, below the government tables with hourly-weekly wages.

Obviously, the net hourly wage of the full-time worker is lower than the casual one because they are entitled to holidays, sick leave and various benefits.

A casual worker is only paid for his effective working hours.

Working in hospitality – casual contract:

Working in hospitality – full time contract:


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Working as a bartender in Australia

If your choice to work in hospitality excludes the possibility of working in the evening, then you could opt for a morning job as a barista, but be careful: to work as a barista in Australia it is essential to know how to make latte art!


Do I need to speak English to work in hospitality in Australia

Level of English: within a restaurant there are different positions, each of which requires different skills and levels of English.

To be a waiter – which means taking orders!! – you must have a level of understanding that does not make the customer nervous with your “sorry what?” and an equally good level of communication to converse with the kitchen – especially when it’s very busy nobody cares to struggle to understand what you’re trying to say.

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If you think you are not at this level then you probably cannot be waiters or  take orders at the cash desk in the case of places with counter service, but you could aspire, as a beginning, to a runner position – simply the one who takes the food from the kitchen to the service room.

It is a rather widespread opinion that working in the hospitality sector – hospo in Australian and tourism in Italian – is the best solution to get by as soon as you arrive Down Under, regardless of your level of English.

Our advice, in case you are completely ignorant of English, is to look for an English school as soon as you arrive in Australia!

Book a consultation with our agents now to find the perfect school for you!

How to write a resume to work in hospitality in Australia

In Australia the resume is used in an absolutely different format from ours: many require a cover letter, written references and some even a motivational letter.

Moreover, you must consider that you have to write everything in believable 

English that isn’t too vocabulary-worthy nor worthy of a child’s lexicon.

Do you need your CV translated? Buy one in our shop!

Present a simple, clear and essential document in which you highlight your strengths, whatever they may be.

Become aware of your abilities and, above all, of your ability to adapt: are you a quick learner and can easily learn new tasks? Say that. Are you insecure and it is not easy for you to settle in new situations? Don’t boast about non-existent experiences.

Write an introductory letter in which you present yourself: nothing pretentious, a simple introduction of who you are, of your ambitions and something that sets you apart.

Be  positive and launch yourself.

Availability for the roster to work in hospitality in Australia

You decide whether to work a lot or a little, so give an availability that you  can actually satisfy and don’t change your mind at the last minute.

In Australia it is the norm for a casual or part-time worker to have other casual or part-time jobs, so you choose how much to work from week to week by communicating to the shift manager what hours you have at the other job.

If you were hired part-time and want to stay that way, they won’t fire you just because you refuse to work more hours or because you choose not to work during a holiday: understand what you want to do and communicate it to others!

Ergo, don’t give complete availability if instead you prefer to work only four or six hours a day, sincerity pays off!

Before leaving we will answer one last and thorny question:

Can I get sponsored working as a waiter in Australia?

Yes but…

…it’s best that you book a consultation with one of our agents to explain your case and be sure of it!

Book a consultation with one of our agents here!

February 15, 2023

Being an Au Pair in Australia is the best way to start with a rather low budget (in fact, you don’t pay for room and board), get to know the customs and traditions of the Australians and quickly learn English.

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What is Au Pair?

The Au Pair system is widespread all over the world and consists of helping the host family with small housework and childcare in exchange for room and board and weekly pocket money which in the case of Australia amounts to around $200 and $250 a week.

How does the Au Pair work in Australia?

To take part in the Au Pair service in Australia, it is necessary to register on special sites where host families are registered. The host family selection process is quite rigid and examines not only the family but also the house where the Au Pair will live.

Generally, Au Pairs are entitled to a single room, often with a private bathroom, in rather large housing and, in most cases, the girls will be entrusted with a family car so that they can better take care of the children.

On the other hand, Au Pairs are required to have a good level of English or to be willing to enroll in an English course as soon as they arrive in Australia.

Why choose to be an Au Pair

There are many reasons: first of all, there is a need for love for the profession that one is going to carry out, therefore a predisposition to spend time with children as well as the desire to learn the customs and traditions of the host country.

At the same time, the Au Pair experience can be particularly advantageous for Au Pairs who do not have to face the costs of accommodation and meals once they arrive in Australia, they will be able to improve their English and will also receive a small weekly salary.

Furthermore, it is not uncommon to find families that allow Au Pairs to carry out other work activities during the period with the family (for example some shift in catering or similar).

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Duration of the Au Pair experience

Most Au Pairs are hired for a period of three months, however, after this period, it is possible to extend the stay for another three months. It is not uncommon that at the end of the experience the girl is asked to carry out a permanent baby-sitting service.

Requirements for becoming Au Pairs

  • Be of age
  • Have a good level of English
  • Have a driving license (this is not a requirement but it is greatly appreciated)
  • Documentation proving a clean criminal record (pending charges and criminal records translated into English)
  • Cover letter for host family
  • Passport

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Salary for Au Pair

The Au Pair will receive room and board, as we have seen, she will receive a private room often equipped with her own bathroom, three meals a day, the right to use the family car and a weekly wage of approximately $250.

February 15, 2023
February 15, 2023

A Tax File Number (TFN) is a 9 digit code essential to work and pay taxes while in Australia; you apply for it on the ATO website for free! Do you want to set yourself up for work when arriving in Australia? Read this!

Applying a TFN (Tax File Number) it’s easy and free!
When you have just arrived in Australia it may looks complicated and overwhelming but it is actually the easiest thing.

How to apply for your Tax File Number

  • You can apply for it on the ATO website, click here 
  • Select “foreigner passport holder”


  • Add your personal details as shown on your passport.

  • Add your residential address in Australia and, eventually, your postal address to receive the TFN. Please remember that the TFN is a secret code hence adding a hostel address may be not a safe option.

  • Add your contact details and email address.


  • Double check every details to make sure they are correct and then submit.

Make a note with your request number at the end of process, this is not your TFN but it’s the proof you have requested your TFN and you can use it in case you need to get in touch with the Australian Taxation Office.

Where can I apply for my Tax File Number?

It’s super easy, its free and it takes just a couple of minutes!! Apply now ato.gov.au!

Can I work before receiving my Tax File Number?

Please note that your TFN will take a while to be issued.
You can work while waiting for it as long as you let your employer know and you will communicate your TFN within 28 days from your employment commencement in order to be taxed as an Australian resident for taxation purpose (not complying with this rule would result in a foreigners taxation).
Follow us on Instagram for more step by step guides and everything you need to know to live in Australia! If you have any questions email our info-point infopoint@atlasmigration.com
February 15, 2023
February 15, 2023

You have decided to move to Australia and are ready to start working as soon as you arrive in the country. After carefully reading what to do as soon as you arrive in Australia, it’s time to find out what you need to work in Australia.

Here’s a sector-by-sector guide for the licenses you might be required to have to work in Australia.

RSA License – Responsible Service of Alcohol

Obtaining the RSA is essential for anyone who wants to work in the hospitality industry. The RSA course takes six hours when taken in a classroom and costs around AUD100, however the same course taken online on the eot website costs just AUD60.

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NB: there are different RSA for each Australian state which means that getting the RSA for Queensland doesn’t allow you to work in New South Wales or Victoria; the best thing to do is to apply for the RSA license valid all around Australia.

RSG (Responsible Service of Gambling) or RCG (Responsible Conduct of Gambling) license

The RSG certificate is required in order to work in gambling establishments  (including pubs, casinos and similar); the goal is for you to learn Australian gambling laws  to manage gambling responsibly.

There are different certifications for each State so it is good to apply for each State where you want to work. In some states, it is necessary to obtain the certificate before the employment starts, for example in New South Wales, while in others it is to be obtained within a certain time from the employment beginning.

You can get your certificate here: www.eot.edu.au/online-courses/RSG/australia/

  • New South Wales: RCG is mandatory
  • Victoria & South Australia: You must obtain the RSG within 6 months of employment commencement date
  • Northern Territory: You must obtain the RSG within 3 months of employment commencement date
  • Queensland: RSG is mandatory
  • Western Australia: RSG is not mandatory
  • Tasmania: RSG is mandatory

NB: New South Wales does not accept RCGs issued by other states so you must obtain one in NSW if you want to work there.

White Card – license to work in constructions

Obtaining the White Card is mandatory if you want to work in constructions; the white card course teaches the safety standards to work in construction sites in Australia, you can take it in person or through accredited websites online.

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Unlike previous certificates, it is valid throughout the country and does not expire.

You can get your White Card here: www.eot.edu.au/online-courses/white-card/?

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Forklift license

To obtain a forklift driver’s license it is necessary to take both a theoretical and a practical test which costs around $400. The forklift license is valid in all Australian states and must be renewed every 5 years.

Working with Children Check – Blue Card

The Blue Card is a license needed to work with children and teenagers; once you obtain it you can work as a babysitter as well as in childcare centres.

To work with children, it is necessary to obtain a certificate which varies from state to state and has different costs based on where it is requested.


Barista course

The barista course is not mandatory to apply for a job in a café or restaurant in Australia. However, it is a practical training about coffee preparation and latte art a  skill to learn before you can get a job as a barista. In Australia it is in fact necessary to know how to perform latte art in order to be able to obtain a job as a barista.

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February 15, 2023

You’ve made it! You’re here! You’re in Australia and you have a whole lot of new things to look forward to. But before you get too excited, here are some tips for what to do when you first arrive in Australia.

The first few days in Australia are a whirlwind. You will be busy with paperwork, getting settled into your new home and meeting the people around you. The beginning of such a big experience can be stressful as you adjust to being in a new country so try not to feel overwhelmed by all the new information coming your way. If things seem too much at times, take time out and have some fun!

Arriving in Australia, first steps to take, ‘to-do list’ for each day of your first week

tax File Number

Get a tax file number (TFN) as soon as possible after you arrive in Australia.

This can be done by visiting an Australian Taxation Office (ATO) office or contacting them on 13 28 61 and requesting a paper form. You can also do this online at https://www.ato.gov.au/Individuals/Tax-file-number/Apply-for-a-TFN/ 

Remember applying for a TFN is FREE hence, when applying online, if you get asked to pay a fee it’s probably a scam.

Do you need more info to apply your  Tax File Number? Read this: Tax File Number Australia

Get a MyGov account

Creating a MyGov account sounds useless when you have just arrived to Australia, however you will need it multiple times later on during your stay (for example you will need it for your tax back and for your superannuation). Make sure you open one ASAP and you save its password.

NB: your ImmiAccount and you MyGov account are two different things.

Working, Farm Jobs & Accomodations

You have made it, you are here! What now?

The best thing you may do is looking for a job and a room right away. You can look for a job on websites like Jora, Gumtree, Seek or Indeed. Finding accomodation in Australia may actually result harder than finding an occupation, have a look on websites like Flatmates or on Facebook groups.

Are you willing to complete your farm jobs as soon as possible? Start browsing on portals like Harvest Job e 88daystowork to have a better idea on what to expect; however, you will soon understand that the best way to find farm jobs is through other people or driving farm to farm.

BREAKING NEWS: did you know you can renew your  Working Holiday Visa working in Hospitality? Atlas Migration team has a surprise for you: the ultimate guide to renewing your working holiday visa working in hospitality, a collection of over hundred restaurants and bars eligible to complete your 88 days!

Read this article to get the guide: working holiday visa the ultimate guide 

Do you need more info to work in Australia? all the license you need to work in Australia

Open an Australian Bank Account

One of the first things to do when arriving in Australia is open a bank account. You’ll need one of these to manage your money while you’re here and most importantly to get paid once you get a job.  There are many banks operating in Australia and they offer a range of accounts with different features and benefits. It can be confusing trying to decide which one is best for your needs, our suggestion is to open one with Commonwealth Bank, it’s super easy and you will only need to visit the closer bank with your visa and you ID. Locate the nearest bank through this link  https://www.commbank.com.au/digital/locate-us/

Do you need more info to open an Australian bank account? read this article: how to open an Australian bank account

Buying an Australian SIM card

Once you arrive at your destination airport, get yourself a SIM card as soon as possible so that you can use mobile data and make calls while getting around town. It will help you moving around as well as making you able to start searching for a job.

Do you need more info to buy an Australian SIM card? read this article: buying an Australian SIM card 


Applying for Australian Medicare

If your nationality allows you to, you should apply for a medicare as soon as you arrive in Australia.  Apply for a Medicare card from the Department of Human Services (DHS). The DHS will send you an appointment letter with your Medicare card in the post within two weeks of applying online or two months if you apply over the phone or in person at a DHS office. If you don’t receive your card within this time frame, call 13 18 81 to check on its progress or email medicare@humanservices.gov.au.

NB: Medicare processing time may vary depending on how busy the department is.

Would you like more info about living in Australia?

You can get in touch with our free info point at infopoint@atlasmigration.com or get in touch through our social media Facebook (m.me/atlasmigration) or Instagram @atlasmigration.


February 15, 2023

You have decided to move to Australia and are ready to start work as soon as you arrive in the country. After carefully reading what to do when you arrive in Australia and making sure you have all the necessary certificates to work, it’s time to study our complete guide on how to work in Australia.

Premise: unless you have a very important disposable income – and in that case lucky you! – thinking of living in Australia without working is rather impossible. Australia is, in fact, the land of a thousand opportunities and one of the countries with the highest wages in the world but it is also an extremely expensive country – you can read more about it here: how much does it cost to live in Australia? – which is why once you arrive you will most likely have to start your search.

Work in Australia

Visa to work in Australia

Writing resumes for Australia?

Looking for work in Australia: how to find work in Australia?

Most wanted jobs in Australia

Working in Australia with no experience

Working on farms in Australia

Salaries in Australia?

Looking for work in Australia from Italy

Job offers for Italians in Australia

Let’s recap: how do I work in Australia?

How to work in Australia? Working Visa for Australia

Before even launching yourself into the search for the highest paid or most sought-after jobs in Australia and untangling yourself among job offers for Italians in Australia, it will be essential for you to obtain a work visa for Australia.

There are an infinite number of working visas, however, often the most common for those relocating to Australia is the Working Holiday Visa – also known by the acronym of WHV. On the other hand, many specialised workers arrive Down Under with sponsor or skilled visas, work visas that are more complex to obtain but which lead, in many cases, to permanent residence.

If you think this could be your case, contact our agents today and start your migration journey.

Resume writing for Australia

Writing an effective and complete resume is the first step to actually being able to find work in Australia. Keep in mind that the difficulty of writing your resume is directly proportional to the level of the position you are looking for.

To put simply: if you are looking for a job as a waiter in any restaurant, all you need to do is put all your previous experiences, contacts and personal data on paper. In case you are looking for a managerial position in an office, you will need a resume, cover letter, reference letters and often also an updated portfolio.

Have you already written your resume in Italian and do you need to make it effective in English as well? Buy our resume translation and optimisation package now.

How to find work in Australia?

Having ascertained that you have the working rights to work in Australia, it is now time to look for work: where to start?

Premise: finding a job from Italy is almost impossible – unless yours is a highly specialised and highly sought-after profession. Furthermore, at least in the first period in Australia when you are familiarising yourself with the language it is likely that you will have a different job than the one you studied for in Italy; this does not mean that working in Australia with an Italian degree is impossible but just more complex than finding a job in hospitality.

At this point, to start your active job search, you must make sure you have all the necessary certificates to work in Australia in your reference sector, you already have your curriculum vitae or resume and all you have to do is apply for available positions.

Here are some useful websites for job hunting:

In this article, we explain in detail how to proceed with your job search: looking for work in Australia

Australia’s most wanted jobs

One of the reasons why the migrant sector is so fundamental to the Australian economy is the existence of highly sought-after and at the same time difficult to fill job positions; for this reason there are lists of professions that are more in demand than others and are continuously updated; for 2023 the University of Victoria identifies 10 positions:

  • Construction managers
  • Civil engineering professionals
  • Early childhood teachers
  • Registered nurses
  • ICT business & systems analysts
  • Software & applications programmers
  • Electricians
  • Chefs
  • Aged & Disabled care workers
  • Childcare workers

Generally, experience in the professions belonging to these lists leads to permanent residence. To be sure and outline your migration path, contact our agents.

Working in Australia with no experience

Unlike other countries where entering the world of work can be extremely difficult and frustrating, the same cannot be said of Australia. Starting to work without experience in Australia is possible as long as you demonstrate good will and commitment.

Working on farms in Australia

Those who arrive in Australia for a working holiday experience are very often looking for work on a farm either to renew their visa for a second or third year or to try a different life experience. Working on farms, as well as being something that will rarely happen in your life, is a great way to save some money.

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Salaries: How much do you earn in Australia?

Working in Australia means earning rather high salaries, among the highest in the world. The minimum wage in Australia is around $25 an hour and working 40 hours a week it is the norm to earn at least $1000 a week. Specialised jobs allow you to earn even double or triple. But don’t be fooled by these figures: the cost of living in Australia goes hand in hand with earnings.

Looking for work in Australia from Italy

Looking for work in Australia from Italy is an option to consider if you cover a specialised and requested position. It is absolutely not a hypothesis to consider when you decide to leave for a working holiday and are looking for occasional and/or farm work.

Job offers for Italians in Australia

The typical professionalism of Italian workers is particularly appreciated in Australia, especially in sectors such as catering and construction; in fact, it is not difficult at all for Italians to find job offers in these areas in a very short time when they arrive in Australia. Remember to secure the necessary certificates to be eligible for the job search and to ensure that you reach a level of English that is appropriate for the job you are looking for.

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Let’s recap: how do I work in Australia?

  • I get a visa for Australia
  • I buy a plane ticket
  • I obtain the necessary certifications to work in a given sector
  • I make sure I have the legal requirements to work in the country (Tax File Number or ABN), to be called back (Australian sim) and to get paid (Australian bank account)
  • I prepare a curriculum appropriate to the job I’m looking for
  • Start the search

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If you have any questions on this subject or have any concerns about living in Australia, please do not hesitate to write to us:

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