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How does it work?

  • Click on this link: https://calendly.com/d/cpz6-r3g-tyk
  • Select the day and time that suits you better
  • Finalize your appointment and pay online
  • You’ll receive reminders the day before and the same day. Consultation can take place online or via Zoom

After the consultation, you will receive a ‘migration plan’, a written summary of your matters, and the relative strategical advice.

If yes, a professional opinion might be a good idea:

Should I book a consultation?

Well, is the visa you’re getting information about contained in the list below?

  • Partner visa: your partner is an Australian citizen or a permanent resident of Australia and you would like to remain in Australia with him/her
  • Skilled visa: your profession is included in a national, state or regional occupation shortage list? We can check requisites and start counting points!
  • Sponsor visa: your employer wishes to keep you in the company after your visa expiry day? Let’s have your case checked for compayibility
  • Refusal: have you got your visa application rejected? We can help you to have the decition reviewed
  • Global Talent: if you achived international excellence in a art, sport, profession or research, you should consider this particular visa
  • Training Visa: have you recently completed a study course? You might be able to use this visa to accumulate post-qualification professional experience
  • Consulenza di aggiornamento: your last consultation was years ago. What about recent changes? We can help to do a summary of your situation based on the most recent changes in legislation.

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