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May 1, 2021


If you are seeking a specialised sort of job, we will assume that you are well aware of what you should include in your CV, what the ideal format is for your sector, and how to design your presentation. If, however the mission of the moment is to seek work of a more generic nature and quickly, we have prepared a standard model for you, which you can download here:


If, however, you already have a model that you just want to make more compatible with the Australian job market, here is some advice:

Less is more. Six pages of resume are heavy to hold, and if you want to deliver just twenty copies in a day you have to carry around a total of 120. If you don’t want to do it for your back, put your hand on your heart and think about the poor foreman, or restaurant manager, who have to subject themselves to an account worthy of Verghian realism about the little jobs you did at the summer camp. Jokes aside, one page is perfect, three are too many. Two if you really want to mention you were in the chess club.

The contact details are fundamental. A little introduction, study titles, work experience, hobbies and publications. Everything seems to be there! Are you sure? Did you include an Australian phone number and email address? It is fundamentally important because if you intend to be recruited, it will not happen immediately or telepathically. Your CV could stay for weeks or even months on the manager’s desk, and when your moment arrives, you need to be just at the end of a phone call. Avoid foreign WhatsApp numbers, they might not get through. Ah, that juvenile email address belloeimpossibile1997@gmail.com, perhaps it’s time to change it. What do you think of mario.rossi@gmail.com?

Do not provide sensitive personal information. Home address, date of birth, numbers for official documents, should not be included. A copy of your curriculum will be in the hands of restauranteurs and recruiters of half the city, so don’t run the risk of identity theft or document cloning. Your CV won’t seem more professional just because you included your licence number.

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