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March 15, 2022

Australia Visas and migration: latest updates for 2022

The Immigration Department has launched initiatives in response to the unemployment rate close to zero (which seems a good thing, but it means that the economy is unable to absorb the demand for work).

Here are the various initiatives:


1. Full-time work rights for international students, instead of 40 hours per fortnight. 

Student Visa holders can work without time limits in any sector of the Australian economy. Although it has been announced that the measure will be re-discussed every quarter, in reality, the economic indicators seem to point towards a long duration of this state of affairs. (1)


2. Six months limit for Working Holiday Makers has been removed until December 31 2022.

 Another limitation that no longer exists is the one that sees the Working Holiday Visa lose its ‘trademark’, which is the limit of six months. There is also the end date for this new measure, but nothing would prevent legislators from extending it. (2)

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3. Replacement Working Holiday for those in or outside Australia.

 The Department returns those Working Holiday Visas in full to those outside Australia and had a Working Holiday Visa on 20/03/2020. 

The Australian Department has also decided to extend this possibility to those in Australia who, as of March 20 2020, had a Working Holiday Visa. This is also possible if you have other visas, such as the Covid Visa.

 As straightforward and risk-free as the application from outside Australia seems; we suggest paying attention to applications from inside, as some visas such as the Subclass 500, 407 or 482 could compromise the criterion of authenticity in the event of a ‘strategic change’. 

It would therefore make sense, where possible, to keep your visa until the end before changing from within Australia. In this regard, you can have a look at this interview with a former case officer who explains in detail the factors on which visas are decided is very useful. (3)


4. Covid Visa is now compatible with any sector.

 If until a few days ago it was possible to obtain a Covid-19 Visa only if associated with a job offer in a critical sector (Agriculture, Food Processing, Hospitality, Healthcare), it is now possible to apply with a job offer in any sector. 

Read more about Covid-19 Visa Pandemic Event conditions.

However, there is a rule that remains: to apply for your visa, it must expire in the next 90 days. However, applications for those who apply with work in the critical sector are processed before the other.

Processing times: Above all, visas in the critical sector are issued for twelve months, while for non-critical sectors, from the moment of the visa grant, the visa months would only be six. (4)


5. Holders of Training Visa 407 are now able to work outside their apprenticeship.

Usually, in Visa training, it was only possible to work for your ‘sponsor’. However,  this limitation has been temporarily removed. (4)

Our professional advice: It makes sense to stop and calmly analyze your situation before taking irreversible steps. However, we believe that these are tailor-made measures for all those who have remained until now and that reward the contribution of the temporary visa holders! (5)


If you’re feeling lost about your future in Australia, we are here to guide you!


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