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February 15, 2023

Au pair in Australia: how does it work?

Being an Au Pair in Australia is the best way to start with a rather low budget (in fact, you don’t pay for room and board), get to know the customs and traditions of the Australians and quickly learn English.

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What is Au Pair?

The Au Pair system is widespread all over the world and consists of helping the host family with small housework and childcare in exchange for room and board and weekly pocket money which in the case of Australia amounts to around $200 and $250 a week.

How does the Au Pair work in Australia?

To take part in the Au Pair service in Australia, it is necessary to register on special sites where host families are registered. The host family selection process is quite rigid and examines not only the family but also the house where the Au Pair will live.

Generally, Au Pairs are entitled to a single room, often with a private bathroom, in rather large housing and, in most cases, the girls will be entrusted with a family car so that they can better take care of the children.

On the other hand, Au Pairs are required to have a good level of English or to be willing to enroll in an English course as soon as they arrive in Australia.

Why choose to be an Au Pair

There are many reasons: first of all, there is a need for love for the profession that one is going to carry out, therefore a predisposition to spend time with children as well as the desire to learn the customs and traditions of the host country.

At the same time, the Au Pair experience can be particularly advantageous for Au Pairs who do not have to face the costs of accommodation and meals once they arrive in Australia, they will be able to improve their English and will also receive a small weekly salary.

Furthermore, it is not uncommon to find families that allow Au Pairs to carry out other work activities during the period with the family (for example some shift in catering or similar).

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Duration of the Au Pair experience

Most Au Pairs are hired for a period of three months, however, after this period, it is possible to extend the stay for another three months. It is not uncommon that at the end of the experience the girl is asked to carry out a permanent baby-sitting service.

Requirements for becoming Au Pairs

  • Be of age
  • Have a good level of English
  • Have a driving license (this is not a requirement but it is greatly appreciated)
  • Documentation proving a clean criminal record (pending charges and criminal records translated into English)
  • Cover letter for host family
  • Passport

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Salary for Au Pair

The Au Pair will receive room and board, as we have seen, she will receive a private room often equipped with her own bathroom, three meals a day, the right to use the family car and a weekly wage of approximately $250.

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