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November 4, 2021

Assistance for Australian citizens and PR holders to obtain exemptions + tourist visas for their parents

The Department of Home Affairs has recently extended to citizens and PR holder’s parents the permission to reach Australia from overseas. However, these individuals will be allowed to land in Australia only if provided with:

  • a valid visa
  • an approved exemption
  • a valid certificate of vaccination (NAATI translated if the certificate is not issued in English)

Following a wave of inquiries, we decided to provide an inclusive service where all the procedures are coordinated from our end.

If you would like Atlas Migration to take care of an exemption request and lodgement of tourist visa, just complete the link below and one of our consultants will be reaching out within minutes to start the application process.

It is also useful to take note of the documents you’ll be asked to provide us with:

  • Color copy of the passport of the person/s willing to travel to Australia
  • Birth Certificate of their son/daughter (make sure to provide us with the version showing parents name and surname)
  • Color copy of the passport of the applicant’s son/daughter
  • Flight tickets (if already purchased)
  • A Visa Grant to show that the son/daughter is a Permanent Resident of Australia. If Citizen, copy of his Australian passport.
  • Complete an apposite form provided by our consultant
  • Vaccination certificates for any people intending to travel to Australia

Please note, not all states have set the same rules when it comes to quarantine. You’ll be speaking with our consultant in regards to the rule applying to any specific situation.

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Atlas Migration is a free info-point based in Sydney but operating all across Australia. If you wish to receive an answer in relation to a question concerning your Visa, migration matter, educational pathways and general information, feel free to contact our dedicated Facebook chat (click here) and one of our consultants will be at your disposal for free. We also deal with migration matters (Migration Agent consultation, Australian visas application, Citizenship request, skills assessment) and educational pathways for international students (English courses, vocational courses, University and higher education pathways). 

We’d like to remind you that at this moment to people in certain parts of Australia it is requested to respect social distancing, which means keeping a 1,5 meters distance from other individuals. On the official website of your Australian state, you will be able to find additional information. To retrieve information valid on a national scale, you can visit the Department of Health official website. If you recognize in yourself symptoms similar to fever or flu, our advice is to stay home and get tested immediately. You can do so by contacting your General Practitioner or by calling the free toll number 1800 020 080.   


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