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April 15, 2021

Aged Care

One of the reasons why courses in aged care have experienced a boom in enrolments is that the health industry is hyper-regulated and even basic jobs within clinics and structures cannot be carried out without obtaining a certificate to do so. According to the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare, there are more than 3000 aged care homes in Australia which represent a source of income for more than 366,000 aged care workers. Salaries are high even at entry level, and for the first time, the profile of the  423313 Personal Care Assistant was included in an immigration program with the possibility of being converted into a permanent visa (DAMA program in South Australia).

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Working in aged care in Australia

Qualification: Certificate III in Individual Support
Skill Level: 3
Profession: 423313 Personal Care Assistant
Course program: https://training.gov.au/training/details/chc33015
Description: during this program, the student gets 360-degree training to interact with and assist aged residents in aged care facilities. It is not only a practical course, but a lot of focus is given to developing the student’s attention to the dignity of the guest, legislative aspects, sensitivity towards cultural diversity and the importance of the concept of ‘Duty of Care’.

Qualification: Certificate IV in Ageing Support
Skill Level: 3
Profession: 423111 Aged or Disabled Carer
Course program: https://training.gov.au/training/details/chc40108
Description: this course is often sought after in aged care facilities for promotion not only to managerial or controlling roles, but also to care for the elderly in more complex processes than just assistance. Indeed, whereas Certificate III is functional, Certificate IV teaches techniques for collaboration with the families of the assisted people, programs for promoting independence, innovative approaches such as ‘palliative care’.

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