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AAT Appeals

AAT Appeals

Appeal to tribunal

Review the decision of a refused visa

If the Department of Home Affairs (the Department) refuses an application for a visa, other than a protection visa, you can ask the Tribunal to review the decision.

This includes decisions about visitor, student, partner, family, business or skilled visas.

This is called ‘making an appeal’.

For those of you who have received a visa refusal or had a visa cancelled by the Department of Home Affairs, we recommend you receive expert immigration law advice without delay.

There are strict time limits for making an appeal and they depend on the type of decision

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Who can apply for review?

The decision letter sent by the department should explain whether the decision can be reviewed by us and who can apply for review.
In some cases the only person who can apply for review is the visa applicant or former visa holder, in other cases it can only be the sponsor or a close relative. In some cases the review applicant must be within Australia at the time of decision or at the time the application for review is lodged, or both.

For further information please contact ours registered migration agents. Our team has extensive knowledge and experience of immigration law and procedure and are well adept at assisting clients with cancellations and visa refusals.

The application fee & Time limits for making your application for review

A fee is payable in all cases except applications for review of bridging visa decisions (including any related decision to require a security) that are made by persons in immigration detention.
In all other cases:

  • the application fee is $1787
  • the fee may be reduced by 50% if we are satisfied that the full payment has caused, or is likely to cause, severe financial hardship to the review applicant
  • we will refund 50% of the full fee if we make a favourable decision on your case.

The decision letter sent by the department should state the time limit that applies to making an application to us.
If you are intending to apply for review, you should note that you cannot extend time limits or accept applications made outside a time limit.

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