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February 27, 2023

10 non-practical courses that help with permanent residency

A few weeks ago, we discussed professional courses that qualify for professions on the list for permanent residence.

Taking a look at the list, it is evident how these courses correspond to the professions defined as ‘trades’, i.e. purely manual professions.

Statistically (but without wanting to fall into stereotypes), these educational paths are mostly chosen by the male population. For this reason, many of our users ask us what they can study if they want to increase their chances of obtaining permanent residency but don’t want to choose courses such as cooking, construction, electrician, welding, or air conditioning technician.

Non-University educational paths.

These courses allow you to avoid the longer times typical of university courses (three years for Bachelor’s and two years for Master’s Degrees) and therefore, to fit within tighter budgets. However, this type of course requires ‘less direct’ migration strategies than university courses. In fact, with the exception of the Childcare pathway, none of the non-university pathways has the Post Graduate Visa available.


That of Childcare is a path that must be taken with full knowledge of the facts, because it is often hastily offered to girls as a course ‘leading to permanent residence’ when, in reality, it is not easy (you can find out more here). The reality is that the course grants the right to obtain a 24-month postgraduate visa, but permanent residence would only be possible after three years of experience in an unlikely job (Childcare Center Manager). Therefore, in urban areas such as Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane, the course has little usability in this sense. However, this path also qualifies as a Childcare Worker, a profession which, in certain Australian regional areas (such as Cairns, Darwin, Townsville, Pilbara, East Kimberly, South West Victoria, Orana) has a pathway for permanent residence. For those who wish to use this educational path for permanent residence, the suggestion is to study directly in a regional area compatible with the pathway.

Formal name of the educational path: Certificate III + Diploma of Early Childhood Education and Care

Cost: Tuition ranges from $9,000 to $15,000 per year depending on the institution and area.

Duration: 2 years

Further informationhttps://www.atlasmigration.com/en/childcare/

Community Services

The figure of the Community Worker has been included in the list for the Skilled Nominated 190 visa in almost all Australian states. The real problem lies in difficulty often encountered in accumulating a year of post-qualification experience (which is a requirement for the Skills Assessment, essential for obtaining a Skilled Visa), especially considering that this type, of course, does not give access to a post-graduate visa. The recommended solution is to choose a course that is accredited by the ACWA (Australian Community Worker Association). ACWA-accredited degrees do not require post-qualification experience and allow the student to obtain a positive Skills Assessment a few weeks after completing the degree.

Formal name of the educational path: Diploma of Communi

Cost: Tuition runs between $11,000 to $15,000 per year depending on the institution and area.

Duration: 2 years

Further informationhttps://www.atlasmigration.com/community-services-visto-permanente-con-qualifiche-accreditate-acwa/

Hospitality Management

The 2022-2023 financial year saw many Italian restaurant managers receive an invitation for permanent residence through Skilled Visa 190 and 491.

To obtain a positive Skills Assessment as a Restaurant Manager, you must have a Diploma of Hospitality management as well as one year of post-qualification work experience (at least 20 hours per week). Among the points in favour of this path, there is certainly the one that sees Italians well integrated within the catering industry and therefore, the general availability of opportunities in this sense. The most difficult obstacle to overcome is the absence of a Post Graduate Visa (Subclass 485) at the end of the studies. For this reason, my advice is not to enrol only for the Diploma but also to add an Advanced Diploma in order to have the time necessary to accumulate a year of post-qualification experience to obtain a positive Skilled Assessment (not to mention that the study of two years adds extra points).

Formal name of the educational path: Diploma + Advanced Diploma of Hospitality Management

Cost: Tuition costs between $6,000 – 8,000 per year depending on the institution and area.

Duration: 1-1.5 years

Further informationhttps://www.atlasmigration.com/en/hotel-e-ristorazione/


Nursing courses make it possible to obtain a Skills Assessment without the need for post-qualification experience. This is also true for non-university nursing courses, such as the Diploma of Nursing. The differences in migration paths are explained in this article. In general, this course, while not representing a simple path like the Bachelor of Nursing, still allows you to approach permanent residence. Attention to the minimum level of English required for admission: IELTS Academic (overall score 7 with no individual band below 7) or equivalent tests such as TOEFL, OET or PTE.

Formal name of the educational path: Diploma of Nursing / Bachelor of Nursing

Cost: 25,000

Duration: 2 years

Further information: https://www.atlasmigration.com/en/infermieristica/

University educational paths (https://www.atlasmigration.com/en/higher-education/)

These types of courses require a larger budget. When it comes to time commitments and exams, there isn’t an incredibly large difference as University courses in Australia are flexible and allow you to manage your workload depending on your work schedule.

Information Technology

Working in Australia as an IT technician (Software Developer, Website Developer, ICT Analyst, Security Networking) can be not only very profitable but also a path to ensure permanent residence. The three-year degree is structured around a first year of introductory subjects (the core units, where you learn basic concepts) to then specialise in the area of interest (Software, Apps, Websites, Cyber Security).

Formal name of the educational path: Diploma of Information Technology

Cost: Starting at $40,000 (AUD $13,000/year)

Duration: 3 years

Social Working and Counseling

In Australia, the figure of the Social Worker represents an evolution of the Community Worker, while that of the Counsellor can be considered a similar but less medical figure than that of the psychotherapist. However, the duties of the Social Worker and Counsellor are less operational than the Community Worker, and these jobs have entered among those in great demand, especially since the 2020 pandemic.

Formal name of the educational path: Bachelor of Social Work

Cost: Starting at $80,0000-100,000 (AUD $20,000/25,000 annually)

Duration: 3 years

Formal name of the educational path: Bachelor of Counseling

Cost: Starting at $70,000 (AUD $23,000/year)

Duration: 3 years

Project Management (Building & Construction)

In a country where construction on the national territory is planned for at least the next twenty years, specialists in the management of construction projects have at their disposal not only express migration programs (Skilled Independent), but salaries commonly reach AUD $150,000 per year. Indeed, senior managers can earn well over AUD $200,000 per year. Given the costs of a three-year degree in this area, we can consider this educational path not only an investment for permanent residence but also an investment with a high return. 

Formal name of the educational path: Bachelor of Construction Project Management

Cost: Starting at $60,800 (AUD $20,600/year)

Duration: 3 years


Teacher specialisation figures (Early Childhood, Primary, Secondary, University) can lead to permanent residence in a short time, given that Bachelors and Masters in Teaching do not require post-qualification experience if obtained in Australia in order to obtain positive Skills Assessment (essential document for participation in a Skilled Visa). Very valid option for those who already have an Italian three-year degree as by enrolling in a Master’s degree, there are only two years of study to pay, reducing costs by a third. The level of English for admission must be around the score of 8 Academic.

Formal name of the educational path: Master of Teaching

Cost: Starting at $55,000 (AUD $27,000/year)

Duration: 2 years

MBA programs

Following a Master of Business Administration, a three-year Post Graduate visa is issued. This detail is fundamental as it allows not only to obtain an important educational qualification, but also to have the time available to accumulate post-qualification work experience. This type of experience makes it possible to recognise one’s profession and obtain a Skills Assessment, and, consequently, participate in migration programs such as the Skilled Visa. Depending on one’s specialisation, the experience accumulated can flow into recognition in various professions (Business Analyst, Managers nec, Marketing Specialist, Management Consultants, External/Internal Auditor, Organisational Adviser, Research & Development Manager, Professional Accounting). The costs are not prohibitive.

Formal name of the educational path: Master of Business Administration (Specialisations: Project Management, Finance, Marketing, Health Industry, Luxury, Multinationals, Big Data & AI).

Cost: Starting at $31,200 (AUD $15,600/year)

Duration: 2 years

Further informationhttps://www.atlasmigration.com/en/master-of-business-administration-investire-su-se-stessi-a-lungo-termine/


The Degree in Psychology is undoubtedly a substantial investment but also very secure in terms of return, both as regards the possibility of remaining in Australia and the possibility of future income. The average salary of registered psychologists in Australia is AUD $110,000 but it is not uncommon for them to double their income by working for themselves. The obstacles related to these tasks are mostly connected to the selectivity of the institutes and the total cost of the course, which is around $100,000 (which, thinking about it, however, can be recovered quickly given the salaries). A solution to reduce costs is to use one’s three-year degree in psychology and be admitted to a Master of Clinical Psychology, whose price starts at $30,000 a year

Formal name of the educational path: Bachelor of Psychology

Cost: Starting at $100,000 (AUD $33,000/year)

Duration: 3 years

Formal name of the educational path: Master of Business Administration (Specialisations: Project Management, Finance, Marketing, Health Industry, Luxury, Multinationals, Big Data & AI).

Cost: Starting at $62,000 (AUD $31,000/year)

Duration: 2 years


For any other information about studying in Australia, book a free consultation with our senior education agent Maurice Bisaccia.

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